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    Unhappy Extremely Frustrated

    I have been looking at tutorials for the last 2 days, and I still cannot figure out how to even do the most simplest thing. I have photoshop cs2. I also purchased 2 different calendar kits. I figured out how to get my background but I am wondering how can I do the layers. So I can put the month name over the patterned background AND not have a hge white box surrounding the month name.

    I am so frustrated right now, it is unbelievable!!

    Please help!


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    There is a layers pallette in Photoshop......and you'll see items on each layer. You just have to drag each layer in that pallette on top or below the other layers in that pallette. I believe it's under Windows/Layers. Anytime you "flatten" layers (Layer/Flatten Image) you may get that white background.

    Great layer tut:
    Holly McCaig

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    Which calendar kits are you working with? Some graphics (like those from PC Crafter) are not transparent PNG background files, they are .jpg and jpg files don't retain their transparency...

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    I bought both the kit by Christy Lyle and another one by Heather Ann Melzer & Gina Cabrera. The backgrounds are .jpg, and the accents & month titles are opened up through adobe image reader. I can't figure out how to move it from the image reader to photoshop without having the white around the image.

    Also when I want to add a picture I open it in photoshop, resize it then layer it right?

    Sorry to be so dense about all this. I thought this was easy, boy was I wrong.


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    Instead of double-clicking on those files opening in reader, open them through Photoshop (File/Open). Most likely they are .png files. When you do that, you can drag from one pallette to the other.

    yes, on the photo part!
    Holly McCaig

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    Thanks, I will try it when I get home. I will try to post whatever I can get done so I can get some opinions.

    I'm cheating right now and looking up photoshop info at work :27:

    You guys are wonderful!!!


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    I won't allow me to open the png files in photoshop. Now what do I do?


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    You're sure you have photoshop? You're doing File/Open and finding the file? No idea why you wouldn't be able to. I create all my PNG files in Photoshop.
    Holly McCaig

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    Yep, Adobe Photoshop CS2

    I go through file, open and then try to open the zip file and it sends and error. If i extract the zip file then open the indivdual file (png) I also recieve and error.

    Sould I get a different version of photoshop?


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    It sounds to me like you need to unzip the files first by using an unzip program like Winzip. If you have Windows XP, it has a built in unzip program called "Extraction Wizard". Once your files are unzipped, you should be able to open them without getting any error messages. HTH!
    Christy Lyle

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    I did it!!!!!!

    I finally got it to work. WOO HOO!!! It is so basic because I just wanted to make sure I could add all the pieces together, save it and print one out to see the quality. I'm think I don't have enough brain power to figure out how to upload it now.

    I am very embaressed to say that it was user error....i did not unzip the files properly.

    Sorry for my stupidity, but thanks for all the patience!!!!!!!!!

    Susie_Cue (I swear my IQ is above 10)

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    I wonder if when you extract you're still trying to open the zipped file inadvertantly (very easy to do ) Make sure that the .png you're trying to open is in the new file that is created when you unzip, not the original one you downloaded.

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    Christy it is funny you say that.....I just figured out it was the way I was unzip-ing the files. I was doing it wrong.

    I DID A PAGE (sorry for screaming but I am so excited)

    So for my stupidity, but thanks for the help and patience.

    Susie_Cue ( i swear my IQ is above 10)

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    And apparently I am smoking crack....because I posted twice


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    Congrats! And don't worry - we've all had those "IQ of 10" moments LOL! Glad you got things rolling

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    oh nooooo, you aren't smoking crack! i know people that do that, and there's no way they'd even be able to type anything ;o)

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    Susie ~ I'm glad you figured it out!

    AmyJo ~ You're too funny!
    Christy Lyle

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