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Thread: Secrets

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    No, I'm not asking you to tell us any

    Are you good at keeping secrets?

    I can keep them for other people. If I know something about someone else, I'm really good at keeping quiet. I have a hard time letting it out even when it's public

    But I have a miserable time keeping quiet about things in my own life. I want to tell the world, even when I know I shouldn't.
    How about you?

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    I'm kind of like that, too. My life is an open book and I tell everyone just about everything.

    As far as keeping secrets...I think I'm good at it. If someone tells me a secret, it's possible I'll tell my mom because seriously what is a little 76 year old lady going to do with that information. Nothing. And sometimes I tell my friend who lives in Australia because she doesn't know the same people I know and again...who is she going to tell?

    BUT, if you tell me something don't just ASSUME I know it's a secret. You have to say "This is a secret." or "Don't tell anyone." Because otherwise I assume it's common knowledge. My husband used to get so ticked off at me because he was sure I was announcing something that I shouldn't have been. He's very tight-lipped though about everything so any little thing I said was a big deal to him. Goon.

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    i am good at keeping secrets for myself and for others. i'm a steel trap. for example: there is tons my husband doesn't know that people have told me. i know some share everything with their hubby's and i think it's wrong if you've been asked to keep a secret. just because your husband won't say anything or maybe doesn't even know the person, doesn't change the fact that it's a secret. right? sorry for the rant, i don't like blabber mouths. donna, i still like you even though you can't keep secrets.

    eta: like donna said my life is an open book as well. i don't feel i personally have many secrets to keep in the first place. even things i am ashamed of i am ok to talk about.
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    BLABBER MOUTHS! WOW! I dare ya', just tell me a secret and I guarantee you won't hear that I told anyone...not even if you strap my little old mom down and demand information from her.

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    Like Charla and Lizzy, I'm a great secret-keeper as long as it's not my secret.

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    hahaha. ya right. she'll have everyone at all of her doctors offices whispering about me behind closed doors.

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    I'm definitely good at keeping secrets -- about myself and others. I had to be able to keep secrets, I had one of the highest security clearances in the military -- I still have things I cannot talk about and I've been discharged for over 10 years.

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    That's so cool, Christy. Are they things others would be interested in, or only if they were in the military too?

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    Oh a little bit of both. I worked for several different places that I needed a security clearance. One was essentially a top secret post office, the other two places I worked with satellite communications. I worked with GPS before it became a household name.

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    cool! What a neat thing to be a part of!

    so tell me (unless this is somehow a secret too ) Do things that are top-secret/confidential say "confidential" on them in big letters like in the movies?

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    Yes actually they do. At the "post office" I worked at I had to stamp different things on the messages we received -- just not in big letters. LOL!!

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    Yeah I am LOL I have a secret only 2 people know about and not my hubby!
    One of the worst things to ever happen to me and I have yet to tell him
    I know WAY to many juicy secrets and havent spilled to anyone

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    I am a good secret-keeper! You can count on me

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    I hate secrets... I'm good at keeping them as long as its not about me... But I hate it when you find out family secrets ya just wish you were never told!ugh
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    If you tell me it's a secret and not to tell, I won't tell. And for some reason, I have one of those faces that seem to make people WANT to tell me things ~ most of them things that I don't want to know.

    A long, long time ago, I used to tell my DH things that others had told me that were secrets . . . you know, I just didn't want to be carrying all that information . . . until he started forgetting that things were secrets and started blabbing. Boy was I embarrassed. Taught me a valuable lesson! I keep secrets far, far away from him, and if it's something I've been told in confidence, that's where it stays, in my confidence.

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    I am super good about keeping secrets... which is good because I get told a lot of these days (Like "Guess what! I'm going to this store!" and stuff like that... LOL!) I'm really anti-gossip, too. I love being an open book, but I'm terrified of someone betraying my confidence and repeating what I've said... so I do my best to say stuff that I wouldn't mind the other person knowing about/reading, etc. I value honesty, you know? But anyway... I think I've bunny trailed now...

    Yes, I'm good at keeping secrets. But I usually like to tell my hubby things. Good thing he's also good at keeping secrets.
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    I'm good at keeping secrets for others because I'm an awesome LIAR.

    But I'm not too good keeping secrets about myself, unless like my life depended on it.
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    I've never heard a way to making lying into a positive

    Nicole, I'd imagine you hear a lot of that!! It really is good that you can keep a secret!

    I hate gossip, too. I'm a good listener so I hear it from some people, but they realize I don't "dish" it, so they tend not to share with me again

    I share most things with my DH, who won't say anything to anyone else. It helps he's the "strong, silent" type, so he just doesn't talk much in general unlike his very verbose wife I do have a harder time keeping quiet in face-to-face conversations, since there's no backspace IRL (when is that going to be created, by the way??) but I still do keep others' news quiet!

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    can someone tell me the secret to shopping at TLP WITHOUT stuff disappearing from your cartI have spent 2 hours trying to buy from there LOL

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    Well, you're not going to get a secret out of anyone in THIS thread!!!

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