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    Has anyone else felt that all their lo's start to look alike after a while?

    I'm starting to feel that way.

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    People say "It's the thought that counts, not the gift", but couldn't people think a little bigger?
    Sometimes I do. But that's because I go through stages of liking a certain look. Like blocking, or clustering or something for a week or so, then change to something else. I use templates a lot though, so I can get out of the rut by just choosing a different look. I feel like I have to justify using templates sometimes when I see almost everyone else just does their own designs. I have a hard time creating a page without templates, or at least I need to have an 'end vision' of what the page will approximately look like, or I just sit there and have no mojo. Don't get me wrong, I can and do create pages without templates, but instead of considering it a weakness, I am beginning to realise it's a strength. Lots of designers create templates, and I can do a good job promoting them and using them. Nicole knew when she asked me to join TDC that I'm a template kind of girl, and if that's OK with her, then that's OK with me too. (Goodness, I'm still justifying it. LOL. Insecurities you see.)

    If you think you're in a rut, go try a template or two - it works for me

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    No i think al my LO's have difference. I try to add a unique flair to them! Right now im just to sick to even put one together and i suck at templates so im stuck LOL

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    I'm in that rut right now...I look at all my pages and although the placement might be different, I tend to cluster ALOT around 1 or 2 photos...I really want to start branching out....

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    I'm terrible about this . . . and I won't even notice it until I go back to my gallery and then I'll see the layouts side by side and I'm like GEEZ they all look the same. But I guess that's good and bad ~ maybe I've finally found my style OR I've lost creativity.

    What always helps me is perusing the galleries of paper and digi scrappers and scraplifting. Sometimes it's a downright copy of their page, sometimes I let it inspire me or flip or rotate it or something. Or I go take a bunch of photos and that might get me itching to create some pages.

    So no, girl, you are NOT alone!

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    Me. That's one of the reasons I haven't scrapped much lately. I need to do some lifts...

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    oh totally!!! that's when I use templates, LOVE them I also go for a gander through the galleries, I try to find a scrapper that I don't know, and like Cheryl said, sometimes it's a lift and sometimes I just use it as inspiration

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonewiththewind View Post
    I'm terrible about this . . . and I won't even notice it until I go back to my gallery and then I'll see the layouts side by side and I'm like GEEZ they all look the same.
    Meeeeee, tooooooo!
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    mine all definitely look the same to me! I have decided it's cause I have found my style and I am trying to embrace it. I figure that at least I know the page are mine and I have fun making them. I can't stand trying to force myself to be creative so I just go with the flow and in the end almost all my pages have the same clustery feel....but that's me I guess! lol!

    Scraplifting always helps though if you find that you are lacking creativity and are really wanting to try some new things.

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