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    Starting with PSE...having a problem already

    I have used Picture It in the past & have now switched to PSE. My problem is that when I click on the PSE icon to start the program, I get something called "MY Catalogue" I can not go any further at that point. The only way I can get into PSE to work is to go to "My Pictures" , select a picture, & "open with" This is really madening. I must have done something to cause this problem. I can't even find "My Catalogue" in the help topics. Can anyone help me on this?

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    I would uninstall and reinstall - making sure nothing was running while I installed - even check ctrl + alt + delete and see what might be going in the background that you don't need...
    Not sure what else you could least, not without seriously confusing

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    Which version of PSE are you using? Sounds like 3.0 or 4.0 and like it's opening your Organizer instead of the editor. There is a box you can check in that opening "catalog" so that PSE will open in editor mode instead of the organizer mode. I'm not sure exactly where as I turned mine off when I got it cuz I hated that it opened up in that thing instead of the editing workspace. Look closely and play with it a bit more. Let me know what you find and maybe I can help more.


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    Yup...My Catelogue is the Organizer Mode of PSE - you want to be in in Editor Mode to create your layouts. Here's what you do to change the default setting to open Editor instead of Organizer:

    With PSE open (in Organizer or Editor Mode) you need to open up the "Welcome" screen. From the Menu Bar, select Window>Welcome. The Welcome screen will open up and you will see at the bottom left of the screen "Start Up In:" - selcet Editor. Then the next time you open PSE, you will be taken directly to Editor so you can create your layouts. HTH!
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    Red face

    My excuse is that I am very new to this. Now what does PSE stand for , please?


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    Martina - It's Photo Shop Elements... hth!!!
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    Yes, thank you. There are so many programs out there . How does one choose?


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    Quote Originally Posted by petzie
    Yes, thank you. There are so many programs out there . How does one choose?

    What I did was download some trial versions of various programs and played around with them. I think I just tried PSE3, GIMP, and PSP. PSE3 was the one that I understood the best. Also it helped that at the time when I bought it I found a rebate.

    good luck in making your decision!

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