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    Smile Eager in Montana

    HI ! I am so ready to go but I have not even decided on a program yet. LOL That's me. I am a SAHM to two ( 10 g & 6 b ) and plenty of pictures waiting to be scrapped. I am a "traditional" scrapper and picked up a copy of Simple Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking the other day at the store and I was just so excited over all the money I could safe by going digital. No more papers to buy and no more stickers to keep track of. But where to start? I have no knowledge of any of the programs out there so I start from scratch. It seems the favorite program in the SB magazine is Adobe Photoshop. I have PSP , Uleads Photo-something and HP Creative Scrabook Assistant. So, plenty of choices and no idea where to start. Well, that is about enough of me. I need to go and look around some more . So much to see .........
    Happy to be here. I am sure you will hear a lot from me .
    Have a good day.

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    Welcome Martina! Yes most of us use Adobe Photoshop but PSP is a good program as well! There are alot of tutorials out there for it that you can try to get started.
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    Howdy neighbor!
    I tried PSP first and it didn't "click" for me. I love Photoshop Elements3 . However my sister hates photoshop and LOVES PSP. So, just start playing and see

    ETA: P.S. Oh, and I too was a paper scrapper and started by buying SSDigital mag-- for my sister. And I opened up PSP to help her figure out creating her first page-- and *I'm* the one it addicted - ha!
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    You have all you need

    PSP or the HP software will help you with scrapping. Basically all you can do with HP is create layouts from pre-made stuff, you can't create your own backgrounds, elements etc in it. But in PSP you can do all of those things and more. Just a word of warning.....this can become very addictive. Have fun.
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    Welcome Martina! I use PSP 9 and love it, although I do have PhotoShop and am learning it, slowly LOL. You should be able to do whatever you need to create your layouts with PSP.
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    Welcome Martina! Just open a program and play - you'll soon find one you like!

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