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Thread: Goodbye Sale

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    Goodbye Sale

    Hello, it's time for me to leave TDC. Sometimes we need to make decisions in life and I have done mine. I can't tell I'm totally happy to leave because I love this place and team and going around the gallery and forum, but I need more time for my family and study.

    The good news!!

    Hurry!! Check my store and don't miss it because the products on sale will be gone for good. This is the last chance to grab them.

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    We'll miss you, Dani!!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Oh, you will be missed! Please say that you're gonna be hanging around TDC still!!

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    Oh, what a drag! Yes, please stick around if you can!

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    Aw, I'm sorry to see you go. Hopefully you'll find time to pop in now and then and still post your beautiful pages in the gallery.

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    oh dani - we'll miss you!
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    the lilypad / sweet shoppe designs / one little bird / sahlin studio

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    Good luck to you! you will be missed!

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    Aw Dani, I am going to miss you!

    Creating for Disasterpiece Studios

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    Sorry to see you go! Hope you'll still hang around a bit, though!!! And YAYAY for the sale, thanks a bunch!!

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    Sad to see you go Dani

    Check out my cool BLOG!

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    oh girls, you're so sweet. I'll try to come and play in some challenges just because I love this place and you all. And I hope you (designers) are still willing to collab, I'd love to!

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    So sad to see you go Dani!

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