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    Template Freebie on my Blog!

    I used the TDC Collab Every Life Has A Story Kit for my layout! Such an AWESOME Kit!

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    LOVE the template. I'm popping over to check it out!

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    The template is great, but I also love the felt flower tutorial!!! So cool! Thanks for the inspiration and giftie!!

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    Awesome template! Thanks!
    And that flower tutorial is fantastic! very cool

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    Ohhh...I am so glad you like it! I have been making them for my nieces and even one for myself!

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    Oh Kim love your templates, that is cute. Thank you!!

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    Thanks so much!
    Love the felt flower, too. I look forward to the day my Bean-Bean has enough hair for it! lol

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    Thanks for the template!

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    thanks for the template!

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