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    Feeling Overwhelmed...

    I need to write a public to-do list for the day, possibly the week. Anyone else want to do this too? I really need to be held accountable so I don't go absolutely insane (I'm already almost there)...

    So here's my list for today.
    (purple means it's done)

    run dishwasher
    finish Christmas cards; put in mail
    clean up floor
    make grocery list
    finish editing pictures from Saturday; put on blog and FB
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    oh, me too!!

    Print and assemble memory games for nieces and nephews:
    (all printed, now just need to laminate)
    -Mary Maddox
    Print color book for Regan
    Buy more ink for my printer so that I can finish printing
    Work 1 hr
    Work 2 hrs
    Go to bank
    Go to post office
    load and run dishwasher
    Call Veterans thing about sofa pickup
    -washing/drying (in progress)
    -putting away
    Sweep and mop my bathroom floor
    Make popcorn to string on tree (with kids)
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    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I have eyes that can see right through le-e-e-ead Hanging with the Chicks! EliseH's Avatar
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    Oh my goodness... me too!! I am completely under water here!! And yet, here I am, playing around on the forums!

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    Just call me a Ditzy Chick Hanging with the Chicks! ShabbyShaz's Avatar
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    With ya girls!!

    Mind you it is now 8.30 pm here and my day is pretty much done. So maybe I will start a list tomorrow.


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    Here, there and everywhere!! Digital Creative Chick chloe's Avatar
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    I do it on my blog every day since a couple weeks, and it works great... even if no one reads my blog and hold me accountable! LOL The key to me is to keep it simple and humble, on weekdays (when I work) I try to not have more than 3 to do's.

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    Scrapping Goddess Hanging with the Chicks! gonewiththewind's Avatar
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    Well, it's already afternoon here, but I've had a productive day.

    Beds made
    Dishwasher ran this morning
    Roast seasoned and in crock pot for dinner
    Called in payment on our hot water heater repair from Friday
    Called doctor's office and made appt for Daniel
    10:45 to 11:45 at DR with Daniel (he has strep throat )
    Dropped Daniel's antibiotic Rx off at pharmacy
    Visited with my youngest sister this afternoon
    Put away sample foods brought over by my sister (yay for my step-mom who works in food distribution)
    Washed one load of clothes and dried one load of clothes
    Emailed layouts to a designer for a workshop
    Checked FB & forums
    Did some online shopping :o)
    Played "I Spy" with Daniel
    Did some reading

    Still to do:
    Pick up Daniel's Rx after 4:30 pm DONE
    Fold both loads of clothes and probably start another load (or two)
    Empty dishwasher so it'll be ready for dinner dishes DONE
    Make mashed potatoes, gravy & veggie to go with roast DONE
    Baths for both kiddos (DH is working late) DONE
    Scrapping tonight WOOT! DONE
    Read Christmas books to Daniel and play a matching hat game

    I think that's it!

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    Praise Queen Hanging with the Chicks! Rynonut Mom's Avatar
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    I'm feeling seriously overwhelmed and behind too! Ugh!
    I've had the cards done for weeks now, but no letter done to put in with it. Tomorrow night hopefully - to print, stuff, address.
    Finally got the last gift tonight to mail off to VT tomorrow. Bought 90% of what needed to be sent Black Friday, but haven't finished it til now. Mail it tomorrow.
    Still need to make goodies to go into teachers presents. Probally will do Wed. or Thurs.

    Oh yeah - tomorrow Ryan turns 12. So party for him on Saturday and need to shop for it.

    Have I mentioned my hubby's been out of town for over a week now? He won't be home until Friday night!


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    I'm glad I'm in such good company!

    Here's today's list:
    laundry (just needs to be put away)
    clean up floor (getting there)
    put cards in the mail (done; sent everything in with DH)
    help girls put away their clothes
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    happy to be a chick Hanging with the Chicks! MariKoegelenberg's Avatar
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    I want to join in too!!! lol! My dust bunnies are so big I can give them each their own name! Ack and usually my house is always clean but it feels like the wheels have come off the past few weeks!


    - Clean the Kitchen
    - Dust and Clean the Family Room
    - Dust and Clean the Dining Room
    - Dust and Clean the Bedrooms
    - Clean the Bathrooms
    - Sweep and Wash all the Floors
    - Get Laundry Done
    - Do Blog Post


    - Clean and Organise Craft Room and Play Room
    - Do Blog Posts
    - Do Newsletter
    - Wrap Christmas Presents
    - Dr's Appt at 3 (I must NOT forget!!!)

    Christmas Crafts (7 Days to go)
    - Do Teacher's Gifts
    - Do Handmade Gifts
    - Make Christmas Card Stand
    - Make Paper Garland
    - Make Ornaments
    - Decorate Wreath
    - Gift Tags
    - Gift Boxes
    - Reindeer Hand Prints with the Kids

    I just need to get back on track again! Thanks...hoping to edit my post very soon and see the progress I made!
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    Queen of Unpacking Hanging with the Chicks! SunshineTK's Avatar
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    Reading all your lists is making me nervous. I'm not much of a list maker so now I'm wondering what I've forgotten to do.

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    lol Tracy!

    I just edited yesterday's list since half of that stuff was still undone this morning. I'm slowly making progress, though.

    And ACK! I'm almost through a whole color ink cartridge!! I'm going to have to get another so that I can make the little color book. eek!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    OH wow! Fellow list makers unite! I am a major list maker.....I write everything down....even my nap time.

    This is a great idea....and maybe seeing others lists will help jog my memory on anything I may miss!

    I think I will have to start mine for tomorrow though since it is 6 pm here and I have done most of my list. I will come back and edit my post later tonight or in the morning!

    Wednesday 12/16:

    Update HOG site with newsletter
    Add some pics to HOG site
    write article
    blog post
    put away laundry
    make bed
    unload dishwasher
    load dishwasher

    prepare tomorrow's coffee
    work out
    disinfect kitchen counter tops
    four layouts
    family activity

    Thursday 12/17:


    pack for Friday trip
    load dishwasher
    make bed
    work out
    prepare tomorrow's coffee
    two layouts
    paper preview
    blog post
    family activity

    Friday 12/18:

    Year in Review layouts
    unload dishwasher
    load dishwasher

    prepare tomorrow's coffee
    upload 4 layouts to all galleries
    clip dogs toenails
    make bed
    write response letter to HCC
    blog post
    leave for trip - 6:15
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    People say "It's the thought that counts, not the gift", but couldn't people think a little bigger? Hanging with the Chicks! jacinda's Avatar
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    Ugh, I don't even want to think about how long my list is. Seriously, if I don't write it down maybe I don't have to do it?? LOL.

    OK, this isn't a daily list, this is my overall list of things to do before Christmas Day. I will of course still need to do the daily cleaning stuff around the house.

    Decorate craft boxes for Emmy, Brooke and Elisa
    CT layouts
    Pick up photobooks from Gary, and send the duplicates down to the in-laws
    Wrap photo albums (just printed) for Ammon, Brooke and Elisa
    Clean baby swing and give it to my sister
    Clean out Brooke's closet
    Book camping ground
    Buy a tent !
    Create Kaisercraft Christmas Albums for Regan and family
    Teacher appreciation gifts
    Do visiting teaching (half done)
    Hybrid Christmas Tree album
    Create January Newsletter for church (and photocopy)
    Update Relief Society website
    Update Primary website
    Arrange hubby's present
    Shop for kids presents
    Arrange Mum & Dad's Anniversary present
    Grocery shopping
    Prepare food for church pot luck dinner
    Clean house
    Write and send Christmas cards
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    Squirrel!! Hanging with the Chicks! ccouch's Avatar
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    I've got several lists going on paper, so I'll join you girls in spirit, okay?
    Can I just tell you how little I feel like I'm getting done though? ugh! Lily's days are in two hour blocks - up for 2, sleep for 2, up for 2, you get the picture..... That two hours goes FAST! Today, I marked a few things off my list, but when I went to Walmart, they were out of several things that I needed to purchase, making that trip a little non-productive. sigh.

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    Here's my Wednesday list.

    Put away girls' clothes
    Put away Hudson's clothes
    Put away towels

    Dishes (*sigh*)
    start Christmas cookies??
    vacuum main floor
    fix Jasmine's pinafore
    re-hem Jasmine's dress (I hate sewing)
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    Old St Chick
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    I wish I could just make everyone's lists magically disappear, but even Santa has to follow through by visiting everyone on his list! So instead, I'll join you, if you don't mind!

    feed's Wednesday so it's my turn!
    shine sleigh
    check Santa's email for last minute changes to "naughty/nice" list
    buy groceries for Mrs. Claus' Christmas cookies

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    Thanks, Old St Chick! I wish you could make my list disappear, too! We'll all get there, though!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Oh, and I like how Denise has added NAP in to her list! That's my kind of action item! Maybe I should add it to my own!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    happy to be a chick Hanging with the Chicks! MariKoegelenberg's Avatar
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    I am not making much headway...oh dear! Plus today I got an email from babycenter for Christian's development and they say I should lower my standards it is fun having a 9 month old crawling around and eating EVERYTHING he finds on the floor??? Plus his Sister who just kind of gets an evil pleasure of just not picking up after herself!!! Ack ack Mom is coming next week...what are the chances I can just have a break...pretty please!

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    I know what you mean, Mari. Hudson is constantly finding things on the floor that he really shouldn't be eating. How fun that you'll get to see your mom again

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