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    Disappearing Fonts???

    Ok...the weirdest thing happened....FONTS DISAPPEARED off my computer! I used them one day...and the next day they were gone? Nobody used my computer but I know that that's not what happened. I know some are missing because I use a certain one for stitches...and poof....into the mysterious beyond it went!?!? I thought maybe they just were for some reason gone from use from my photoshop I checked my font manager. Nope...gone from there too! So then I go and check my main font file....gone!

    Has anyone ever had this happeN???? And what could have caused this???? I now am going thru trying to find all the fonts again on the net that I know I lost...but some I don't remember names too. I'm going to burn them all do a disc tho cuz that's the oddest thing and I don't want it to happen again.

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    That IS wierd! I've never had that happen before. I hope someone else can help you with this.
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