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    Belated DigiPickOftheDay Toot!

    Just reviewing DigiPickOftheDay - haven't visited for a while - scrolling down - reading through - and there is one of mine! WooooooooooHooooooo! This is the 2nd in 6 weeks and would you believe it was over a week ago? Look for the 30th November LO of the day!

    Nearly falling off chair now and couldn't wait to "blow my horn".
    PS - You can share this one too Gina - it was one of your font and sketch challenges that provided the inspiration! Glad Melissa acknowledged that too!
    Sue (aka Susieq2u)

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    I actually noticed that tonight as well Sue - congrats!!!
    (aka olivia_abi)

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    Awww Sue that is awesome - I'll admit I did see that one but I didn't actually register on the username!! That layout - and photo is just STUNNING!!!! So diserving of the DPD!!

    Congrats Hun!!!

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