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    Angry Ever have problems downloading kits??

    I swear, I'm so frustrated right now. I'm trying to download the Deck the Halls kit from Digital Freebies and am have the hardest time! My account shows that I've downloaded everything at least once, but *that*'s not true as I only have 5 of the 6 folders... I have no idea how I'm going to figure out which one I'm missing. One of them it says I've downloaded TWICE... again-- so not true! And the the folder I'm trying to download now is the papers, and it's telling me it's going to take FOUR HOURS to get it downloaded!! If I was on dial up that wouldn't surprise me, but I'm not!! I don't have FOUR HOURS!! I promised Bro and SIL that I would do their Christmas cards for them--*that* my gift to them and it has to be done today!

    I swear, I'm just going to rip every last hair right out of my head!!!

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    Okay, so suddenly it's down to 1h59m... *maybe* this will work out after all... (I hope! :51: )

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    I never go by the time it says it'll take. Hope it all downloaded for you by now.

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    Thanks Nancy-- I did finally figure out which one I had yet to download, so that's good.

    And you're right-- hopefully it won't take nearly as long as it's saying...

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