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Thread: New owner?

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    New owner?

    Ok....I was blog surfing and came across Holly's blog that she sold the DC?!?! Hmmm....congrats to the new site owner! I bet you're tickled! (don't wanna say who cuz don't know if I should yet? Tho it is in Holly's blog so I guess it's not a secret?)

    So....will the site stay the same as it is? or are changes going to be happening? Inquiring minds want to know :secret:

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    Thank you for the congrats! It's not a secret that I have purchased The DigiChick. We will be making a formal announcement in the next day or so. I am VERY excited about this new venture and hope that you all will be excited with me. For now, The DigiChick will not see too many changes as I will be learning the ropes of owning my own site. But I am always open to suggestions on what the members would like to see, so if you have a great idea, please email me at

    I hope everyone will continue to hang out, chat it up and participate in the challenges. Keep on scrapbooking girls... we want to see your beautiful work!

    Thanks again for the Congrats!

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    Congrats Laura!

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    Congrats, Laura!

    I noticed the change in ownership when I bought some kits from the boutique yesterday.

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    A big congrats to you, Laura! I'm very glad to see TDC in your hands!

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    Congrats, Laura! That's exciting! Are you still planning to put out Dezine?

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Congratulations, Laura! What an exciting adventure for you!!! Looking forward to continuing to be a part of this awesome site with you as the fearless leader! Best to you!!

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    Congrats Laura! How wonderful for you!
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    Congrats Laura!!!
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    Laura, what an exciting adventure for you! Congrats!
    Survivor Chickie!

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    Congrats Laura! How exciting ....

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    OMG!!! Congrats! That totally makes sense now! I purchased a bunch of kits yesterday and the paypal was directed to you. I thought that was strange, but now it makes sense.



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    Congrats, Laura! How very exciting!!
    aysL - chibikko

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    How exciting, Laura! Best of luck to you!!


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    Congrats Laura - it's gonna' be fun working with you more closely

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    Congrats Laura! It's great news!!
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    wow how exciting! What a great way to start the new year!



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    Congrats on your new and exciting adventure Laura. I KNOW you will be nothing but successful!


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