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Thread: My New Blog!

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    My New Blog!

    Hi Digi Chicks!!

    I had recently posted about a Photo Blog I started, but I really wanted my words to be as important as my pictures and LO's. So I started my new blog, via Blogspot. I just wanted to officially invite you on over!

    Embellish Blog

    Please feel free to add me to your blog favorites list and come visit often, and please leave comments!

    Have an awesome day!

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    It looks great Andrea! I will add you to my blog roll... thanks for sharing the link.

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    Looks wonderful Andrea and I just love that newest layout with Mindy's kit! Have fun with your Christmas present, lucky girl!!!! I'll add you to my list too!

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    Thanks for the link to your blog. The letter from Davey gave me a good chuckle.

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    It looks great! Thanks for sharing the link. What a little cutie you have, they sure do make our hearts melt don't they!! Oh, and the letter was too funny!!!!
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    ~ Amanda Rockwell ~ Melissa Bennett ~

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    Really enjoy browsing your blog... love your photos and LOs... great work! And you are sooo lucky to have a new D70! I got a D50 a few months back and just LOVE it though I still don't know what half of the functions do!


    My blog....

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