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    Laura's 2YR Designiversary Day 1 = Alpha Freebies for you! :)

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    Those are so cute! Thanks so much, Laura. Can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the week.
    Creating for Mari Koegelenberg, Amy Wolff, Jen Yurko, Digiscrap Addicts (hybrid) and a member of the 2012 Log Your Memory design team.

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    you are so welcome!

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    How fabulous! Thanks a lot!! Oh, and happy designiversary!!

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    Happy designiversary Laura! Thanks, these are awesome

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    Thanks, girls and enjoy! <3

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    Uhmmm...Laura...did you realize you are *giving away* 3 (*THREE!*) fabulous alphas that are sure to become part of my scrapping staples?

    These are fabulous and you are so generous! Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

    Creating for Disasterpiece Studios

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    i do, i do!!!! i wanted it to be a really great freebie.....for a really great reason. <3 warm fuzzies!

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