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    Question about interior space on elements

    Ok, so I was going to use a printed version of an element today... and then realized that the button had holes!! I tried to use a punch, but it's one of those long ones and I can't quite see, with the result that I punched in completely the wrong place. Is there any easy trick for getting out those inside spaces? Do I just use my Xacto knife? I'm afraid the edges will be all ripply...

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    I'm not a hybrid chickie, but have you tried a paper piercer?

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    Is that like an awl, or something? That would definitely allow me more control, but unless it were the exact size of the hole in the button, I'm not sure that would work... thanks for the idea, though!

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    Now you've got me thinking... maybe a nail? I'd be more likely to have one of the right size laying around, I think... *off to look*

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    Are you just trying to punch a hole or is it an irregular shaped interior? For hole punching I'd recommend a Crop a Dile big bite. Or do you have an old-style eylet setter with the hammer and the "puncher?" The thing you hit with the hammer had different sized tips to it to make different sized holes. You could put it anywhere because it's not a punch. The Big Bite can go up to 8 inches in.

    Or a nail would work, too,

    For irregular sized "insides" I'd try a fine-tip scissors. I have the Cutter Bee brand ones that are really sharp with a black and yellow handle.

    Ha! Can't believe I contributed to a hybrid thread, but it's because I'm a paper scrapper, too.

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    Oh ohohoh yes! I have the old fashioned eyelet setters. That'll work great, thank you! I'm such a dummy for not thinking of that!!!

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