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    Printing at OfficeMax?

    I have no working printer and DH really hates printers in general so I don't think it's in the budget for the future. So, the only way to print stuff up for hybrid projects is going to a store. I have asked in forums before about which places are best to get stuff printed, and people recommended Staples or Office Depot. Well neither of these stores has locations very close to me. So I'm going for Office Max, which is right down the road....BUT they don't seem to have an "upload file" thing online, so I am going to just try and take a usb/flash drive in with my files and hope that works.

    Sooo....has anyone else printed anything from Office Max? Is it even possible? If so, is there some way to upload your files from home?

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    Not from Office Max, sorry. I print at Office Depot and I just take in a flash drive with me and there's never a problem. I would think since they are a comparable chain, that you should try it and see what happens!

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    Thanks Cheryl! I did just that--took in my flash drive and it all went perfectly. The guy was really nice and told me that I could email stuff to them in the future if I wanted to have it printed for "pick-up".

    Now, the rest of trying to do hybrid---that didn't go so well! Hah!

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    and oh yeah, when I printed up an 8.5x11 layout, he said something like, "That looks really high quality" or something. He was pretty impressed with it, so that made me feel good!

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    Lynn, don't feel too badly about your hybrid project - mine NEVER seem to go well. They look SO much better in my head

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    I know, seriously! Now I am even MORE impressed with all those hybrid chickies out there....don't know how they do it! i love how everyone's projects look, but I just don't think I'm cut out for it, hah!

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    Haha--how the do it is that they've made a TON of things that they'd never show to anyone first. Then, by trial and error, they strike gold and find their style. You'll get there!

    I'm glad your experience at Office Max went well! Were you happy with the quality of the prints? It's a bit of a pain for me to have to add an extra errand to my day, but at least I know that what I'll be picking up is much better than anything my old HP could put out.
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