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    Cool Altered Project!

    I am not really into paper crafting, nor altered projects~ but came across this and thought it was really cool! You can get one of those Starbuck's Tumblers that you can personalize with pictures. DL the template off the template off their site and then Photoshop or DIP the heck out of it.

    Here is the template!

    Have fun!

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    These are actually REALLY cool - I am in the process of making one now! (LOL - actually, I started making it in October and I keep lagging on finishing... hee hee!) I'll have to show you all when I'm done... whenever that may be... but for now, check these out by inahayes ...

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    I've actually been thinking of making one of these. I think the templates will be helpful. thanks!

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    These are just so cool! Do you guys have any idea how much the cups cost? (The actual cups at Starbucks?) Thanks!

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    Cute idea! That would make a great Valentine's gift. It's just around the corner. Yikes!

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    **only** $9.99

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    i have 176 pages done so far this year AND I started my PAPER altered art journal for Easter this year - 6 pages so far!!

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    Oh this is way cool!

    I am a bit into 'altered projects' at the moment! Must have a look around and see if I can find somewhere that sells the cups here.

    thanks for an awesome idea!


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    Thanks for the pricing info... I really need to check into that!

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    dh has one of these..i need to get working on his insert

    you can get them at other places, too...they usually all come with inserts and allyou have to do is scan it and then play with it. i would try wally world, kmart, target, etc.

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    Oh I did one of those Christmas of 2004, before I found digi-scrapping. Kinda my first atempt to use my photoshop program and stuff. I gave it as a gift or I'd show off what I did. Those Starbucks cups are very cool!!
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    wow!!! great job they are absolutely adoarable. TFS

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    Wow these are really cool Andrea! I may just have to make one myself! Not like I need an excuse to go to Starbucks or anything!
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    Bazzill makes one - i bought i months ago and its sitting next to my monitor as i write. It still has the bazzill insert it and needs to be dusted. Perhaps this is the boost I needed.


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    WOW, Andrea, Im totally digging those tumblers I love coffee, I love Starbucks and those mugs would be perfect! TFS!!
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