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    tooty toot toot!!!

    i just got an AMAZING email from simple scrapbooks for their 'digital 5'!!! they want to feature my europe album in that issue!! i'm still unsure of how many layouts they actually want...but i know i sent them at least 8!! i am so freaking out right now! ok, i need to calm down!! thanks for letting me share!! toot!! toot!! this is only my second the excitement has definitely NOT worn off yet! LOL!!

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    Congrats Jan! It's looking like this is going to be a great issue Can't wait to see your album!

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    How exciting!! That's a great Toot!!!

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    WOw, Congrats Jan!

    That's SIMPLY Awesome!
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    thanks, girls!! i'm waaaay excited about it! LOL

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    Yay Jan! If it's the pages that I remember seeing when you first started posting, those are GREAT! (Well, ALL of your pages are wonderful, lol!) :wink_smil I'm going to have one in there as well... :nerd:

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    W_T_G!!!! that's just spectacular!

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    yay, marsha!!

    the pages are some from this site and some from another album,'s mostly SP and holly's stuff, so i hope it pleases them!

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    Congrats Jan! That's awesome
    Tania aka lunafaerie

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    Congratulations Jan! How exciting!
    Heather Roselli

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    OMG Jan! That's awesome, girl! Congrats to you!!!

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    thanks, girls!! i just got a response back and SS asked for 7...SEVEN layouts! unbelievable! they're not sure if they'll actually use them all, but i think this is one of those things that will NEVER happen to me again LOL so i am still on cloud 9 about it! thanks again for all the congrats!

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    Wow! That means your paycheck will be........ $350!!!! Wowee! lol! :wink_smil

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    I'm embarrassed to admit, but I know nothing about any of these publications, but I can certainly tell you're excited. LOL! Congratulations. SEVEN LO's! That's amazing. Way to go!

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    SUPER HUGE Congrats Jan!!! I can't wait to show people and say "I *know* her!!" WOW!

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    hahahahaha you're too cute, andrea!

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    Whew-hoo!! An entire album. . .not that's a TOOT!!! Congrats Jan!

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