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    Sick, Sick, Sick

    I'm sick. My DH is sick. My girls are sick. We're all sick! It's horrible. Everyone has sinus infections and one of my girls has an ear infection on top of that! I'm at my wit's end, chickies. lolol I haven't even left the house in days. It's so gross. lolol

    And the worst part is...

    I'm going through scrapping withdrawal!


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    Awww {{Jennifer}} It's awful when everyone is sick! Hope everything gets back to normal quickly!

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    Hanging with the Chicks! Danyale's Avatar
    Honey, tact is for people not witty enough to be sarcastic
    poor thing, hate to hear you are sick. Just take it easy and get better, unless you want to humor us and scrap the tissue wad on the couch or something. We are supportive either way, chica...hugz~

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    Oh, feel better soon! I hate it when DH and I are sick at the same time - makes it impossible to get any rest at all.

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    Thank you! Got some good antibiotics from the doctor. Feeling on the mend, but it really sucks when everyone gets sick! It's the worst when DH is also sick because you know everything is so dramatic lolol

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    Aw, Jennifer!!!! GET WELL SOON!!!!!

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    So sorry Jennifer. That's not fun for any of you I'm sure, but especially for a mom who is sick and still has to take care of other sickies. Poor all of you. Take care. I hope and pray you'll all be well soon!

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    Sick men are the worst thing of all. No one can do "miserable" like a grown man...

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