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    Does anyone watch Switched at Birth?

    I don't know anyone else who watches Switched at Birth. It's on the abcFamily channel on Monday nights and is soooo good! It's definitely one of those where the story continues each week and you really have to watch from the beginning to see what's happened or you miss so much.

    Supposedly the hospital switched these two girls at birth, they are now teens, and after this week's episode, I'm not so sure it was the hospital's fault. Certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat!

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    Oh gosh, no I have not seen it. How scary to think about that. So it is one story line that continues to grow, or are there multiple situations they highlight individually weekly? I will have to check it out.

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    My daughter and I watch it!! We missed Monday's episode so we'll have to find it in the "On Demand" section - although I'm not sure it's there.

    Danyale - it's just a continuing storyline week to week.

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    Yes it continues each week, and it seems like so much happens in each episode that if you miss one, you're lost. I usually miss it when it actually airs, but I watch it the next day online at Hulu.

    LuAnn - have you been getting the "guitar case" storyline? Quite a mystery. Well...on the last episode - if you catch it on demand or check online at hulu, be sure to see the very end regarding the guitar case!! I was like OMG, wow!

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    Yes, I watch it, and am eager to see this week's episode after the guitar case cliffhanger! lol

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