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    A question about CC's

    I'm always up for CC on my layouts, so please feel free to tell me if something just doesn't work. (I'm really curious about my Turkey pages, and would really love some input on them. I haven't decided if I think they work...what do you think? Could I make them better??)

    But I've wondered something about looking at others' layouts.
    I'm really anal about spelling, so I always have DH check my layouts before I post them. I've seen some in publications with misspelled words (especially "its" and "it's," and "loose" instead of "lose"). Is that something people want to know? Or should I just keep my mouth shut? Or does it vary from person to person?


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    Personally, I would want to know but that's just me.

    Adding on to your question...

    Do people want comments from newer scrappers? I've mentioned before that I've been scrapping for a long time but just recently started with digital. Since I'm a 'baby chick' (I think that's what I am anyway) do people want to hear my input?

    Just curious.
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    First of all, people want to hear comments from anyone. It's great to hear opinions about how your work is perceived, whether it's from a seasoned digiscrapper, a newbie to the digi world, or a newbie to scrapping. I don't think it matters how long you've been doing it. Some of the most beautiful layouts I've seen have come from people who are new to this.

    Charlene, I'll go check out your Turkey pages and see if I can offer any ideas (or just tell you how much I like them!).

    In regards to spelling, etc., mistakes on people's posts, we had a thread on this a while back--I think it was here, anyway. Most people said that they'd love a head's up on mistakes in their layouts, especially before it was printed. There's nothing like spending the money to get a layout printed and then realizing that there's a typo on it. The one thing that almost everyone said was that it would be much more preferable to receive such a head's up through a PM instead of just by posting a comment.

    Hope that helps!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    They're pretty! The only thing I think about the one with the church is that maybe you could move the smaller pictures down just a little (and the journaling as well) so that they don't compete with the bigger picture. Otherwise, it's great!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Concerning the texts mistakes, as I speak french, I would really appreciate to be told when I don't spell a word correctly or forget about the grammar... I know that it really hurts my eyes when I see mistakes in French, I don't want to hurt yours...

    I really like your Turkey LOs, but I would agree with Sinead about the Aya Sofya LO, the big picture is too similar in size with the journaling, the page looks like cut in half, if you know what I mean, and the beautiful big picture is not brought out as much as it could.
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    The key is that if you want cc make sure you post that in your description area so people will know. Generally I make it a rule not to unless asked for. Scrapbooking is like art and it is highly subjective. What I may like may not be what you like and vice-versa. I checked out your layouts and they looked nice - I agree with the above comments but also add that the shadows look a bit high on the church one. Bring them down a bit more for a "softer" look. When you use shadows think about it as a piece of paper with one element on top of it. The shadows would be subtle. If too high, it makes it appear it is "floating" off the page.....
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    I always appreciate the heads-up. I once wrote cleaver where I meant clever. So spell check didn't catch it and I didn't read my journaling again. It came in the form of a PM, so it was very quietly put.

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    I am so anal about spelling and grammar! If you see even the smallest mistake in one of my layouts, please let me know!!!

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    I've wondered the same thing about spelling/grammar mistakes. I would want to know if it were one of my LOs. So far though I've been kind of afraid to mention it when I see mistakes. I think I've even seen typos in published LOs!

    And I too am always open to CC. Getting comments that a LO is cute is nice and does make me feel good but it doesn't help me improve. I once posted specifically asking for CC on a LO and learned some techniques that I use all the time now.

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    I have seen PLENTY of mistakes in published layouts in magazines.... I'm a stickler for good spelling, and grammar, but even I slip up occasionally.

    And I agree, I keep my opinions on layouts to myself unless specifically asked to CC something. I love looking at layouts, and I try really hard to find something positive in every one....

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    I've seen so many typos (and had them myself). I MOST DEFINITELY would want to be told. I was so embarrassed that one of my first pubbed pages had not just a typo, but a grammatical error! (Can you imagine how humiliating this was for a former high school English teacher?!!!) The layout was paper. I realized just before sending it in that the typo was there, but there was just no way of fixing it on that particular layout at that time. So, I just PRAYED that the layout would be in print too small for the journaling to be read. **sigh** no such luck!

    One of the most beautiful things about digital to me is how /easy/ it is to go back and fix mistakes. There's just so much flexibility!

    So, the short answer, /yes/, please tell me when you see one of my typos! :p

    Once a chick, always a chick!


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    On your page of Turkey. First, I LOVE the new font choice! Beautiful and elegant! and your drop shadows look much more realistic. Also love the fade you used into the pretty!

    I'm wondering if you arranged your elements to create the classic "visual triangle" if the eye might not be more drawn to move around the layout. You may simply need to add a page 2 to be able to create your journaling a little more space so that it's not an equal force to the photo. This way, your eye would be drawn to the photo first, then to the journaling. By using your three small photos you had on your original, you easily have enough material for a 2-pager.

    Gorgeous focal photo, btw!
    Hope I'm not being a PITB!

    Once a chick, always a chick!


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