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    My first "DOH!" moment of 2012

    I was supposed to get a shot tonight for my infertility treatement, to prepare for the FET (frozen embryo transfer) I have this month. I got the docs, including the order to get the meds, right before leaving for my vacation. I went to Switzerland between the 23rd and 30th. I had ordered the nurse to come for the shot, but totally forgot to order the meds to the pharmacy. This morning, I got up (after 5:30 hours of sleep) and realised I would not be able to get the shot tonight. All shops, including drugstores, are closed today. DOH!!! By luck, the "on guard" pharmacy had the med I needed. Pfew!!! Seriously, how is that for a new year's start, uh? LOL It'll cost me a couple extra bucks but that's the price to pay when you don't have a properly working brain...

    Now, your turn, make me feel less stupid, share your own DOH! moments, pretty please!!

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    Well, I'm glad that worked out! I just got out of bed so I don't know what my DOH moment is yet but I'm sure it's coming.

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    Don't really have a "DOH" moment, but we were given quite the reminder that Mother Nature is partying too. Had a 7.0 earthquake this afternoon. Hadn't felt one that big since back in March. Little freaky, but all is well. I now have the "is that a quake?" feeling a little more often though.

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    So glad it worked out in the end, Chloe. And Jamie, I saw that about the earthquake on Holly's FB status! I hope all stays calm there.

    No Doh! moments yet, but like Donna, I fully expect to have a couple today.

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    Wow, Jamie, I much prefer my Doh moment to your scary one. Hope everything is ok.

    Donna and Kate, lack of sleep doesn't help, right? LOL Please share if you have some, I don't want to be the only one!

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    we had an earthquake yesterday afternoon (Dec. 31st) - it was in Ohio but supposedly was felt here in Pittsburgh PA too....

    no "doh" moment here but, like Donna, I just got up LOL

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    Just a little "doh" so far today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the Rose Bowl Parade on TV every New Years Day. So I get up this morning, check the parade! Apparently, when Jan 1st is on a Sunday the parade and all the Bowl games are held on Jan 2nd. And I'll be at work tomorrow. Well, pooh.

    But really...earthquakes? *No parade* pales in comparison! Glad everyone is okay.

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    Hey, so far so good here, but it's only a matter of time. Hubz and the big boy stayed up till the wee hours, but I barely made it till 12:30. I had TWO DRINKS last night. That's more than I had all year last year! Haha!

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    Chloe I'm so glad you got your shot! I don't think I've had any D'oh! moments yet, but it isn't even noon here so I have plenty of time

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    Mine's coming, I'm sure!! Haven't been up long enough yet haha. I was up until almost 4 because I got caught up in a movie on Netflix last night and slept til 10:30...I never do that, I'm usually up by 7 at the latest. But I have no doubt my D'oh moment is coming, I have them quite often haha

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    My Doh moment got even Doh-er: I forgot about the time and the nurse was outside waiting for me when I came back from my inlaws. Luckily they live next door, but still! Seriously, this year is starting on a good way! LOL

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    You knor Chloe, it could be all the meds too. So glad you were able to get it taken care of. I didn't realize it at the time, but the fertility meds really whack you up. Good luck and positive thoughts for you.

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    My duh moment was today when I told someone I could be at their house on Friday, but totally forgot that I won't even be in town on that day. *smacks self on the forehead**.
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    Well, Jamie, I would have loved to have that excuse... unfortunately the forgotten med was the first one I took since July! LOL Actually, the New Year's Eve wine is more likely to be blamed!

    LOL Heidi, it happens to me often!

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    My DOH moment happened today, as I watched my 2 year old force a disc into my DVD-rom drive on my laptop...realizing seconds too late that there was already a disc in the drive. Now I get to take a trip to the Apple Store to have them try to fix it. DOH!

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    Oh, that's not a DOH moment, that's a gaaaaaahhhhhhh! one!

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    Thanks, Chloe! Spent a very short visit at the Apple Store, and they were able to pull the discs out of the computer in less than 20 minutes! I was super happy! (And they didn't charge me anything...even better!!!)

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    Yay!!! Nothing better than good customer service, fast and free, to make a geek-girl happy!

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