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    send baby vibes my way!!!

    ok, girls!! i am literally DUE tomorrow!! i am NOT effaced, i have NOT dilated a bit AND i am ready!!! sooooo ready it's not even funny!!! send all the baby vibes and newborn thoughts you can my way puleeeez!!! i need them!! LOL

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    oh poor jan!!! i HATE the waiting of the last few weeks/days/ poor poor thing. And you are still so sore from your fall on TOP of that aren't you?

    Well definitely sending "come out and play new baby!!!" vibes your way!!!

    Hope you feel better!!! Although technically, it is gonna get a LOT worse RIGHT before it is alllllllll better...
    ok not what you want to hear i suppose!!!

    alright - come on baby - we all want to meet you! And let your mommy get some relief!!!!

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    Positive baby/labor vibes coming your way Jan! Congrats on baby girl #3! I bet your girls are exicted about their new baby sister coming soon! Maybe eat lots of spicy foods & maybe that will help! I had lots of pizza the night before Kelsie was born & sure enough it gave me horrible heartburn & the next morning I woke up & my water broke!
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    Oh no! We feel for you Jan! Big hugs for you and this little one, and I 'll say a prayer so that hopefully he/she comes sooner than later!

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    Lots of Easy Labor Vibes coming your way!

    Here's to hoping this baby comes on your due date

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    Girl, I've been vibin' since last week! What more do you want from me. LOL

    I'm so darn excited, not just to meet the little one, but for you to be feeling good again.

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    Oh good luck to you Jan and sending you baby vibes your way so that you deliver soon!!!!!!!!
    ~ Darla ~

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    I've been thinking easy labor thoughts for you ever since Laura mentioned full-moon type behavior this morning! I'll keep you guys in my thoughts!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Look out, chickie! More vibes coming your way!! Ugh, do I KNOW that feeling! I was on bedrest the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy and I was so anxious for the time to come, I went to the hospital 3 times on false labor! Would have been better if the hospital wasn't 30 minutes away! =)
    Hang in there, Jan!! And get lots of rest! I'll send ya lots of vibes for a quick and easy delivery...and soon!!


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    Good Vibes coming your way. My last baby was 2 1/2 weeks late so I know how your feeling - wondering when (and if) it will ever happen.

    Good Luck,


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    Labor vibes for you Jan!! I'd wish you a quick labor...but I did that to a friend yesterday and she had her longest labor yet--6 hours longer than her other labors! :whatchuta

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    Good luck Jan...Hope she comes soon! Am thinking of you and the baby
    { Zoe }

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    Sending you easy and short labor vibes Jan
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    Wishing you a peaceful, powerful and easy labour and an amazing start to motherhood



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    Oh Jan!!!! I'm praying for you!! And if it's any concelation, it doesn't matter if you are dialated and effaced-- you can go any moment. I was 3 cm and fully effaced with baby #2 for over a week before I had him! And maybe you'll be like my best friend- woke up at 6am, thinking it was the baked beans she had the night before, left for the hospital 20 minutes later, got to the hospital and had her son 7 minutes after that! Yes, we'll go with scenario B please!!!!

    Good luck sister-- can't wait to see the little princess!!

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    OK, maybe not SEVEN minutes after she gets there... but easy would be good! :omg_smile

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    Sending you safe & easy delivery your way, Jan! Just hang in there.. our pray with you!
    aysL - chibikko

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    Baby we want to meet you and see your cute little face! Your mommy cannot wait anymore!

    Thinking of you Jan! Good luck!

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    sending vibes....sending vibes....sending vibes.....
    - Justine
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