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    I finally found a way to get PL products!!!

    I'm so happy!!!
    Last night, I've talked to my friend who is living in Canada. She is coming back to Thailand on March. So I've asked if she could carry something back for me (only if she doesn't carry lots of souvenirs for her family and friends), and she said YES!!!!

    So now I need to make a decision about things that I want to buy.

    First, I thought I would buy the album (the new black signature album), the big pack page protectors (multi pack), and the blank journal cards. I already have the digital version of Clementine kit that I can print out and use.

    Then I checked some scrapbook shops in Thailand and found that they do have the American Craft D-Ring Modern Scrapbooking Album (just like Nicole's). The price are a lot more expensive ($40+) compare to the Signature Album but I understand that they have to pay for tax and shipping costs.

    So I was thinking that should I just order the page protectors and blank journal cards and buy the album here in Thailand or should I order all (album, page protectors, and journal cards) and have my friend carry it for me.

    Decision, decision???

    Also, if I get all my supplies from my friend in March, should I continue doing my digi version and keep the supplies for next year, or start right away. I can always print out the digi version and put in the pockets, right?

    Help meeeeeee!!!

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    BTW, do you know any online scrapbook stores located in Canada?

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    I really love the digi version that you've been doing so far, so I think I'd go with page protectors and extras. Yay for a plan!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you. Hanging with the Chicks! YvetteSanders's Avatar
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    The actual Project Life Brand (for Canada) needs to be ordered from:
    The ones I use are a from WRMK, I really like the choices (I get bored easily lol), I order from here:

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    You always have the hybrid option! That's what Crystal (crystalbella77) is doing! And it looks great!
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    Yes, I think I'll get only the page protectors and the blank journal cards. I have the digital version of Clementine core kit that I can print out, and also a big stash of digi kits that can be used.

    For the album, I found another scrapbook shop in Thailand that sells the Modern American Craft album in a cheaper price than the first shop I've asked. So I will get it from there.

    Now, I have another problem, the printer! I've got a HP deskjet F4185, but I'd love to buy a new one. First I thought of buying a Selphy then I've read a blog that the author was using a Canon Inkjet Printer printing all her pictures and she is satisfy with the quality.

    My thoughts was if I buy a Selphy, I can only print photos, but if I get a new Inkjet printer, I can print anything.

    I know my HP can print quite good photos. My father used to print photos with this printer and it came out okay, but since I got it (from him). I've never tried printing photos.

    The price of Selphy and a new Canon Inkjet is very close.

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