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    Cool I'm goin' to Austria!

    We just put a deposit down on a 3 night, 4 day ski trip in the Austrian Alps! Jaime's Batalion is hosting a family holiday the end of March. I'm so excited to get out of the house and do something fun! Riley will get to take Kinder lessons and Regan and I can play on the little sledding hill. Of course, at the moment I'm tired of the snow... but I'm sure it'll be different there. LOL We're staying at a nice lodge at the "resort" and some close friends will be there with us.

    Now I need to work on getting good snow pictures. LOL

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    Oh - I'm so jeoulous, Laura! I've made an internet friend in Aus., but she probally doesn't live in that part!
    Sounds like you are going to have sooooo much fun! And you deserve that fun!!!

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    Oh wow! How exciting. Take tons of pics!!!!!!!!!
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    How exciting for your family! You definitely deserve a break from all your hard work here! I bet Austria will be beautiful!
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    Oh Goodness! Have so much fun!! DH and I just got back from a skiing weekend, and now he wants to buy all of our own equipment, and not rent anymore, LOL! Have a GREAT time! I know you need it!

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    Have a GREAT time! Let us know if there's anything we can do while you're gone! :-)

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Yay! You'll love it! It's soooo purty! Oh - and make sure you stop by the salt mines - I'll never forget the huge slide! lol!

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    I'm going to ski next week... and I can't wait! I'll tell you how to take good snow pictures... well, if I can take any myself! LOL! I'll go in Switzerland (where my parents and brother live and where I grew up) with my niece who's 15 years old, so this will be a great fun!

    The only problem is that I'll miss Michelle's workshop since I'll be gone from saturday 18th till Sunday 26th!! I'll do it late, nevermind!

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    Oh, my, that sounds heavenly! Have an AWESOME time, Laura!

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    That's so exciting! We're going to Colorodo next week! I can't wait. But I live in FL, so, if anything, I'm sick of the unusually warm weather that we've had this winter!

    Have a great time!!

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    Hi Laura! I live in southern Austria and we have TONS of snow here - you will certainly have a wonderful time. Concerning tonights chat - I dare that means 3 am for me, is this correct?
    Love, Sylvia

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    Whoopee! I see some scrapping opportunities in your future.

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    Have fun and relax! You deserve it!
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    that is awesome. austria is so beautiful. i would really love to get back there one day.
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    Hey Laura, will you stilll be in Germany next winter? We'll be in Italy in the Southern Alps, would love to have you come down and ski by us ;-)

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    Just how big is your suit case, and would I fit in?
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    Wow-what a nice holiday time it will be for you and your family! Austria is gorgeous and the mountains in winter are breath taking! Enjoy!

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    Awesome News Laura...Have a Great Time!
    avatar Dean Yeagle

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    I'm so jealous! Would love to go to Austria!
    Heather Roselli

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