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    Copics (and other markers) - share your knowledge!

    I've been wanting to buy some copic or other similar markers for stamping but have no idea what a "good starter kit" would be - I know that I need various shades of colors to do the coloring correctly but how do I know which ones to get?

    any suggestions?

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    I had specific projects in mind when I bought mine and went from there getting just a few at a time. I usually got a main color then one of a darker or lighter shade. It's can be a pretty steep initial purchase but well worth it.

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    When I bought mine (for school), I found somebody on ebay where I could get a cheap set of 8 and in the colours I wanted. But I have the big Copic markers, I am pretty sure, you should be alright with the Copic Ciao markers. Then I would think about the projects you will need them for. If you are going to use Magnolia stamps, you need some flesh colours, hair colours, etc. For flowers you will need some greens, etc.

    Hubby bought some, uhm.. the brand is called Touch from Shinan, not as expensive as Copic. But I don't know how good the quality is.

    Then you can get new ones from Faber Castell, the Pitt Artist pens. Not sure how they compare to Copic either. I have 4-5 but haven't worked with them much.
    Nathalie - eNKay Design

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    I have loads of copics but last week i got 2 of the sets of Spectrum noir and these are really nice markers and the prize is what makes it REALLY great I got skin tones and warm greys and they blend really well.
    hug Ria

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    The S[pectrum Noir are much cheaper than the Copics. The are sold out right now. Looks like pre-orders will ship March 19.

    Hope it is OK to post that link here. I know it's a shop - but not a digi shop.

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    Totally fine, Cathy!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    LuAnn, I'm curious if you got the PM I sent you with the church window attached.

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    Ooooo - I can't wait to see the church window!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnawells View Post
    LuAnn, I'm curious if you got the PM I sent you with the church window attached.
    No I haven't got a PM from you - I was waiting patiently

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    What the heck! I sent you one and then sent another one asking if you got it. I thought you were mad at me.
    I'll try again!

    Okay....I just sent from my Piranha Graphics email address so be on the look out!

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    I haven't had any pms since I replied about the purchase you were asking about. strange! of course I'm not mad at you!

    got your email - it's perfect!

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    would these markers be a good starter set? or is the point too thin?

    someone posted elsewhere that they picked them up at Michaels using a 50% off coupon

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    Digichick Designer Mom0fgirls's Avatar
    Kinda done with this Jack Frost nose nipping thing...
    LuAnn - is there any way you can look them over in the store?

    I think they might be water based?? If so, they are not really a replacement for Copics (alcohol based). Although that does not mean they are not good... they just might not behave the same. They may still work fine for what you want.

    In my mind, the advantages to Copics are the smooth blending on paper, you can color and color in one spot and the paper does not get damaged or torn, you can use a lighter color to lighten a darker color and create a highlight, the colorless blender can be used to fix mistakes (usually...), the brush tip is wonderful. You can use them to color ribbons, flowers and brads to match your project.

    I LOVE my Copics - but good grief they are an investment!

    Other (cheaper options):

    The Spectrum Noir is alcohol based and is supposed to behave like Copics. I've only heard good things about them so far.

    There are also ProMarkers - I don't know a lot, but they do have a pretty big following.

    There are also Prismcolor Markers - I love their colored pencils, but the smell of these markers drove me out of the room. They are cheaper though.

    Color-wise, maybe think about what you like to color most and then buy 2-3 in those shades that blend together so you can shade. I would tend to error on the lighter side and buy the really dark shades later if you need them. They are useful, but I think less versatile. And get a darker gray instead of pure black if you can.
    Cathrine St.Clair

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    thanks for the info Cathrine!

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    I'll have to watch the video later - thanks Julie!

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    Hmmm, it doesn't say if these are alcohol based? The reviews are mixed. I was surfing some forums and I hear they don't blend as well as copics.

    I have just tried the faber castel pitt artist pen and they do not blend either and they do damage the paper. So don't buy those! The Touch ShinHan do blend well. There are not as many colours available as with Copic but they are definitely cheaper and work well in combination with Copic. Found this tut using the Touch markers:
    Nathalie - eNKay Design

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    I use the Faber Castell in my mixed media projects. They are india ink based (I think), they are not intended to blend. They work great for a mixed media layered project for color or shading. Love them for that!

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    Yes Cathy, that is what I bought them for, I just thought, I have a look if the blending works. It would be good if you have one product you can use for different projects, kwim?
    Nathalie - eNKay Design

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    I would love that Nathalie! I think it is a conspiracy by all the manufacturers to make us buy up all of their goodies!!

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