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    Embossing machine thingie

    So, I'm pretty fascinated with embossing (the stick paper in an embossing folder kind) and I also find myself pretty interested in the spellbinder shapes. What sort of machine does one get for these? Is there anything that does it all? I admit to being confuzed

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    I'm quite fond of my cheap 50% off Cuttlebug I use it with Spellbinder dies and embossing folders (Cuttlebug, Tim Holtz and Big shot - pretty much any out there that are not too wide to fit.).

    Although I do have to shim it with a couple sheets of cardstock to get it to emboss Spellbinder dies well. It cuts them no problem.

    My Mom has a big shot and likes it. She uses it with Spellbinders dies.

    I had a actual Spellbinders machine for a few years (the ratchet mechanism finally broke). It has great squeezing power and embosses beautifully. But, I found it awkward to use. You have to feed it from behind and there is no platform to set things on - you have to hold the plates together as you feed it in. They have a new one now so maybe its better.
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    Personally I love my Big Shot, it feels a lot more solid and durable than others. However it is more bulky than the Cuttlebug, so that may be an issue.

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    Love my big shot! Got it on overstock cheaply.

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    It IS as bad as you think, and they ARE out to get you. YvetteSanders's Avatar
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    Big Shot for me as well (actually it's called a Big Kick, it's the one Micheal's sells, I got it with a coupon so it was cheaper than the Big Shot at the time).

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    Aw, thank you all for your help! I just couldn't quite wrap my head around what was what Mwah!

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    I have the spellbinderd wizard and i totally love it. When the handle breaks just email the company and you get a new one What I especially love about the wizard is that it is NO PLASTIC as I used to have a zipemate one of the earlier embossing/die cuting machines and so much broke on that thing and in compare to the other machines the wizard is alot sturdier? is that the right word hahaha and you can get these now on the second hand market for a really good prize as I paid 30 euro's for the one i got for my MIL. and you have to get used to how the crank works that is for sure but it also takes up much less muscle power which I find important with artritus and cts
    hugs Ria

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    I also have a Cuttlebug. Love it!! Got it dirt cheap a few years ago when they allowed a 50% coupon on top of a sale price!!

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    For my spellbinders to emboss, I used to use cardstock to shim it. Then I bought 2 of the Spellbinders embossing mats. That works great!

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