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    Finally sent out DS's thank you's!! What are you procrastinating!!

    A little over a month after his party, I finally sent out Jack's thank you cards. In my defense, it took a week and a half to get the notecards (I had them made through snapfish). It feels so good to get that done!

    So, what have you been procrastinating??? And when will you get it done?? (consider this a little accountability!)

    Next on my list, create and print and mail DS2's birthday invites- his birthday is less than a month away and we're leaving Friday for vacation! Nothing like a little pressure!

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    Oh, I SO need this thread. LOL... where do I start...

    -Riley's V-day cards (getting them done now - it's 11:00 pm)
    -Update my blog... can't remember when I did it last
    -restructure TDC forums... been needing to do this for over a month

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    ooooh... there's so much. i think the biggest is i haven't even started the mini scrapbook i told my friend i would do with her pro pics she had taken. but in my defense, it took her over a month to send them to me, and it IS a paper scrapbook... how can i do a paper one when i'm having so much fun on here??!!??

    oh, and i'll bet 5 bucks that i have some overdue library books that i'm procrastinating returning... *shuffle*
    hello, my name is cabbage. okay, not really, it's Laurie, but i'll still answer to cabbage. :29:

    i'm a proscrapinator: trained in the art of procrastinating scrapbooking.

    my salty blog

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    Where to start??
    I started a wedding album for my sister, who's been married 1 1/2 years, but it's 12x12, so I've been ignoring it.
    I need to start dinner lol.

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    LOL Charlene! Mine's like that too!
    I've gotten alot knocked off my list lately, but still need to finish the wedding album I started for my friend who's wedding we were in. They will be married 2 years in June. It's half done, but it's paper & I've lost interest! LOL! I have the photos on CD - so will probally do some digi and paste onto page.
    My next biggest task is that I'm chairing the Easter Egg Hunt for the Down Syndrome group! EEEksssss! So I need to start organizing it. I'm so overwhelmed every time I think about it that I'm ignoring it right now!
    I have 3 (at least) more layouts on my mind that I need out of there! LOL!

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    Wow...I feel pretty good DD2's 1st bday was last Saturday and I already have her thank you cards made up (personalized), printed and cut. Just need to address, add stamp and mail...some have been mailed already!

    Procrastinating on...TAXES!!! Yikes! DH has so many receipts and misc stuff I need to enter into Quicken (or at least into Excel) so that I can fill out the questionnare from our accountant. But whenever I get on the computer...I'd rather have it be scrap related than tax related. Ugh...I'm hoping to get them done by Feb 15th...we'll see!

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    Oy vey where do I start ?? LOL, Lets see, the "Family" book I started for my parents that was supposed to be done for Christmas, that I bumped to their Anniversary which was January 28th, which is now being bumped to their Birthdays (March) LOL, a Digi Poem book for my niece, again supposed to be for Christmasa, now bumped to her Bday which is the end of this month, I just finished the kids' Valentines, a 2006 calendar for my office, I am only on March lol, by the time I get it done, it will be 2007, oh the list could go on and on really !! LOL

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    You guys are so funny. One thing I've noticed. . . .no one's putting any "to be completed by ??/??/06!!" Did the accountability thing scare ya'll off?? hehe

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    At the top of my procrastinating list is TAXES! I run a home daycare and I don't do such a great job of keeping organized records. I have all the info I need but my problem is I wait until the last minute to sort through all the stuff. BLAH! I hope to have it done by the end of the month!

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