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    So who submitted to the Simple Scrapbooks Digital 4 issue?

    I submitted quite a few. I was lucky to have two in the last issue and am HOPING to get the call again!
    I love this mag and hope that they will continue to release issues on a regular basis.

    Who else submitted?

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    I only got a couple submitted due to the deadline fast approaching and preparing for my walk. So, I won't be suprised if none get picked this time! I only had one in the last one and submitted well over a dozen!
    Holly McCaig

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    I did but don't expect to have any picked it, just thought I would submit since I had them done.


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    Submit?!! You mean normal people do that?! Hehehe

    I have only submitted ONE *gasp* layout..... I have no idea why I even did that... I am soooo not good enough!

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    Hmmm, has the deadline passed already? I don't know if I submitted or not.. LOL. If it was listed at ScrapSubmit I probably did. If not, well, maybe next time.

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    I was going to submit but the date came to fast. The submit date was on my birthday. I was going to submit some pages for the completed album. I did a ABC album for my MIL and FIL for there 40th wedding Anniversary. Oh well maybe next time.

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    I'm with Jen... in awe to be with such talented folks who submit and get calls. Just need some more work/practice/skill to get up to that level of submitting!!
    Mom of six
    My Blog

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    I submitted a 2 page layout in memory of my Grandpa. I wouldn't say it's the best looking of all my pages, but it means the most to me, and the journaling is my best. I don't really expect anything to come from it, but at least I can say I tried!! Good luck everyone who submitted!
    I <3 DMM!!

    TheMandaBean Blog

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    I sent 12 in including my savannah album...i so hope at least one is picked up!
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    I submitted a few - figured I'd give it a shot

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    I submitted a few too. I've never been published and I figured this was my best shot. But then I found out that there were over 1000 submittals. Sigh. Not holding my breath!

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    I submitted about 15... let's see what happens... Last time I submitted 12 and 2 were called!

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    WOW! Go girls! I submitted 3 or 4, which was my first time submitting layouts anywhere. I wondered if that was too many...I should have asked. I guess I'll know for next time. Good luck everyone!

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    sounds like e-mails went out today....

    no e-mails here
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    None here either.
    When do we give up hope? I hope someone here gets picked!

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    Me neither, but I've been "around" at some of the other sites and it just doesn't seem like there's enough toots for all the emails to have gone out - maybe there will be more tomorrow - a girl can hope anyway

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    I just haven't been "in" to submitting lately....just isn't in me. I hardly even buy magazines these days. Gosh - that's horrible! LOL I am however, a HUGE idea book addict. I just got confirmation that my new Donna Downy books are on their way. See, I still feed the industry!
    Holly McCaig

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    I'm gonna have to get a couple of those Donna Downey books - they look great Are they actually in the stores yet? Soon? And, I just (finally) ordered Ali Edward's book - Designer's Eye - can't wait for it to get here!

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