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    Gallery Loving for April and May!

    Want some lovin' on your LO? Want to boost your post count?
    Would you love to get some inspiration?

    Well, if you said yes to any of those questions - this thread is the thread for you!

    Here are some guidelines:

    ~ Leave a link to a LO of yours in our gallery that you would love some comments on.
    ~ Post a comment on the LO linked in the post before yours in this thread.
    ~ Any other layouts you happen to view and post comments on will be greatly appreciated!

    Here are a few from our last thread:

    ~ Please join us in spreading some LOVE ~

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    If I'm still the last here, here it goes lol:

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    VanyŽ Qualtieri

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    A few from me.. with little lovin..

    Thanks in advance!

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    2 pages from me today

    Love, Marlen

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    Another ones

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    Love, Marlen

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    Such pretty pages, Ladies!
    I raided so many kits in my stash to put this together, but I'm very happy how it turned out. I also learned how to justify the text so it's even on both sides.

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    Hello! Mine for today:

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    VanyŽ Qualtieri

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    Me again

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    Love, Marlen

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    Love, Marlen

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