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    TYS scrap challenge 15 - a new season

    This week I didn't forget to post the TYS scrap challenge here as well, yay!!! LOL

    Check out the scrap challenge @ TYS and get some chickie points if you use TDC goodies. Don't forget to post in the blog's comments and here as well, so that we can all oooh and aaaah over your beautiful LOs!

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    Chloe, I absolutely LOVE your ideas. You have awesome challenges! Please send some of your inspiration mojo to me!

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    LOL Holly, stop it you're making me blush! I'm glad you like it!

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    Hear, hear! I really enjoy your challenges, too. They make me think and create some meaningful LOs that I've wanted to make for a while but needed the push to complete. You're FABULOUS, Chloe!!

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    Just curious when the deadline is for this...

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    April 30th, as the other challenges!

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    Great page, I'm so glad this challenge inspired you to scrap those memories!!

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