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    Baby Book Help

    Okay, I can't tell you how many times I have changed my mind about my son's baby book. Well actually I can, I have changed it 3 times. Now that I have a kit that I have created I would like to start on his book again. I will re-do the whole book plus the font cover and the back of the book. The pages that I have created I'm not "in love" with. So I was wondering if any of you can help me with making my son's baby album.

    Any ideas for double pages would be great, even single page ideas would work. I would like to create a 12x12 book for him and I'm not to sure where to get the book printed. When that time comes I will ask about printing.

    Thank you all for the help

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    I know that there was a thread here a while back (and I think it was recently revived) about the different options for printing books.

    One suggestion would be to find a set of templates and use them for the book. Then that hard part of it would be sorted out!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I so for got about the templates I had... I'm going to go through them and pick the ones I would like to use. I think I may shop for some this weekend.

    I also found some great ideas for baby layouts and pinned them on Pinterest. Now I just have to pick which photos I would like to use. That is the hard part, theres so many, LOL.

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    Kellie Mize has some awesome templates, especially the ones called Album Accelerate... and all of her goodies are on sale 50% off right now... Just saying!

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    This is the front of the book... Now all I have to do is complete the other pages!! LOL ..

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    Awww, that's adorable Christin! Love the cute colors you picked and how well they match the picture. Will you create all the pages with the same kit or will you change according to the photo(s)?

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    I would like to scrap all pages with the same kit. I'm a little OCD about things matching. :LOL:

    But if the elements doesn't match the photo then I'll have to create more elements or pull from different kits.

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    That's the great part about being a designer, I guess: you can create your own elements! *green with envy*

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    Quote Originally Posted by chloe View Post
    That's the great part about being a designer, I guess: you can create your own elements! *green with envy*
    I know, right?? Totally green here too.

    Christin, I did a 60+ page family album for my MIL and I used one whole big kit throughout, but pulled elements from other kits just so I didn't have too much repeating, and it worked out perfectly. I didn't mind using papers over and over as long as I could change up the elements.

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