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    Brushes vs PNG's?

    Hope everyone is having fun during the iNSD weekend! I know I've been shopping & hopping & downloading... need to sort thru all the new goodies so I can find what I need when I'm scrapping.

    So here's my question. I bought a couple brush sets this weekend. LOVE THEM - especially the distressed sets by Sherwood Studio. I have a folder for all my ABR files so I can load them in PSE when I want to use them. But these also came with PNG's. Do I really need to save the PNG's if I have them in ABR? (I'm afraid I'm running out of space with all this crazy shopping).

    Thanks for your help!

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    If you think you'll use them a lot then keep them, but you can make new ones with your brushes anytime so if it's a space issue I say chuck them!

    I haven't made any purchases yet, but I am loading up my cart
    Loved the fb train freebie, awesome kit!
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    Thanks for the info, Day. I think I'm going to toss the PNG's. I use iPhoto as my organizer, so I can't even see them until I open them in PSE. Plus, I think the brushes are so versatile with the size, color, opacity, blend modes - why keep an extra copy if it's not needed?

    I agree with you - the FB train freebie was awesome! I love those colors! Good luck shopping!

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    Most designers included pngs for those who do not have PSE or PS. I always get rid of the pngs.
    Nathalie - eNKay Design

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    Thank you Nathalie! You ladies are making me more comfortable getting rid of files I don't need. I'm always cautious about moving things to the trash. Always afraid I might *need* it one day. If I'm not careful, I'd be classified as a file hoarder.

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    Honey, tact is for people not witty enough to be sarcastic Danyale's Avatar
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    Ditto, what Nathalie says. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the designer (that is awesome) but end up chucking them anyways.

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    Aw, thanks, Vynette! If you ever need the pngs, let me know and I'll get them for you. Toss with an easy mind!

    There are some times where I actually use the png instead of the brush, but it's usually more with shaped brushes.

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    Thanks Julie! Those brushes are the greatest - I love distressed stuff, so these go with everything I have

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    Okay... you all are making me reconsider using brushes. I've always used the pngs instead--maybe just b/c I feel more confident with them. I know HOW to use brushes and WHY they are cool.... but it has always seemed like more trouble than it's worth to keep up with which ones I have, what they really look like, and storing/organizing them in PSE.

    Tell me your tips for organizing them and being able to really SEE what they are?

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    I was a stamper long before I was a scrapper... and will always be a stamper at heart. I guess that's why I like the brushes so much - I think of them as my "digital stamps."

    At this point I don't really have them organized, and can't really "see" them until I have them loaded in PSE. But I know what I have, so it's easy enough to find what I want in the folder. I guess as I accumulate more, I will probably make sub-folders for them - floral, sea shells, architectural, grunge, geometric, stitches, etc.

    So if someone has some organizing tips - I would be glad to hear them!

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    I couldn't exist without Tumasoft's preset viewer. I use it to find all my shapes and brushes. And since all you need to do with brushes is to click on the little blue icon, it's a lot easier than styles or actions in PSE.

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    Now see....I use PSP. and have two great programs that convert any PS brush into a png for me, as some designers/companies do NOT include the png files. I use them all as "stamps" - - as good old PSP has a brush size limit of 500 pixels (which to me is way tooooo tiny). I have a pretty dang big old folder aptly named "stamps"...LOL...with lots of folders inside...swirls, grunge, floral, deco, edges, corners....and each brush/stamp goes in its proper category. I have Julies brushes, too...and agree - they be awesome

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    I used to use brushes as digital stamps too, until I found about blending with brushes. I now often use them in combination with a mask, for example for papers. It allows to make a solid paper more fun (or to tone down a patterned one), like I did on this LO:

    And that is something you cannot do with PNGs (or if you can, I don't know how!)

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    I love forum! I always get a lot of information here.

    @ Julie - a viewer is exactly what I need. Thanks for telling us about it. The company has a new viewer called Breeze, which will run on Mac. That's what I'll need. It's written in Adobe AIR. I'm not familiar with that, so will maybe have to research a little more.

    @ Chloe - that is a beeeeeaautiful layout! And your stamp gave just the right amount of fade between the zig zag quilt, and the plaid background. I'm glad you mentioned "mask" too. I just switched from PSE 4 to PSE 10, and keep forgetting I can make a mask now. I recently made a LO with stamps across the edge of a "torn" page, and then erased the part of the stamp that should have been torn off. Later I wanted to move the stamping, but of course it wouldn't match up right due to the erasure. I deleted that layer & did my stamps over. Next time I'll mask.

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    Y'know, I learned in PSE 6. And it took me FOREVER to catch on to masks. I'm so glad they have added that capability to PSE, because masks are seriously awesome (now that I "get" them, LOL).

    I'm pretty sure you can download the tumasoft viewer breeze for a trial, Vynette. That way you can see if it works for you
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    Honey, tact is for people not witty enough to be sarcastic Danyale's Avatar
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    Yes...masking and brushes. All new and fun for me too now that I am in PSE10, before it was more of a pain. :0

    I guess I am old school, I have all my brushes loaded into PSE where they stay so I can play and browse anytime I want. I need a previewer? WUT?!?!?!?!

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    Ha, Danyale, I've got - well, thousands. I bought it mostly for my shapes collection, though - even the "big" thumbnail in PS isn't big enough to really get a good look.

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    Honey, tact is for people not witty enough to be sarcastic Danyale's Avatar
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    Well, I no have thousands, ACK! I am not sure where I could even find that many? pfft

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    LOL. I exaggerate. But it's definitely hundreds. It's enough that I need the viewer, anywho

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    Thanks, for pointing out they have a free trial Julie. I will give them a try. Looks like it would be handy for viewing overlays and word art too.

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