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    I love these fonts by Brittney Murphy. I'll try and get a LO done.

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    i really like Brittney's fonts. I used Like Sunshine Through My Windowpane on this one.
    I used The Digichicks Boutique Collab "A New Me" from the Digichicks store

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    Queen of Random Quotes Hanging with the Chicks! grrfluudy's Avatar
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    Thanks for the challenge and the link to Brittney Murphy's fonts. She is a wonderful designer!! I used A Song For Jennifer.

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    Little Chickadee Hanging with the Chicks! Joy2Scrapbook's Avatar
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    Thanks for the great font source. I loved Brittney Murphey's designs. I used Dandelion in the Spring on this layout.

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    Super Chickster Hanging with the Chicks! stevens89's Avatar
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    Beautiful layouts ladies... thank you all for joining in with the challenge

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    Here's mine - I used both Skinny Jeans and The Unseen fonts for my journaling.

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    Awesome font challenge!!! I loved all those fonts!!! I picked Attack of the Cucumbers because I liked how it looks a little twisted. Figured it would look nice with my Halloween page.

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    Thanks for this challenge, and a few more fonts to add to my collection! I used Irish spaghetti here!

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    I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way Hanging with the Chicks! Kristen's Avatar
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    Loved this challenge! I think I spent more time picking out a font (well, downloading, installing and then trying to choose one font) than it took me to select and crop my pictures. I've already used two of other fonts on a layout. Thanks for enabling

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