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    Unloved LO...again!

    I loved this thread that we had going last month, so I thought I'd do it again!

    Do you have a page, old or new, that you just adore, but no one (or barely anyone) has given any love to? Share it with us! Make sure to link us up to the page in your gallery so we can leave some love!

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    I think I'LL post a LO this time, too!

    When I finished this LO, I knew that it was one of my most favorite LOs EVER. This kit is amazing, this alpha is so cool, plus, these family photos that we had done are the best ever.

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    I'll play! I've had the pics for ages and love them, but didn't know what to do with them. When I was browsing the chosen scraplift gallery for the May challenge I knew they'd be perfect for this lift. I love how well they go with the adorable kit and I'm so pleased with how it all came together!

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    Wow, Kate, I can't believe this LO of yours didn't get any love before you posted here.

    Day, yours is amazing too!

    Here a recent one I created for the font challenge and I love it. Love the pic, the kit I used (All that matters by Just Jaimee), it just makes me smile! Oh, and I used Meeegs shadows and they are perfect... look at the accordion flower!

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    These are great pages! Day - I especially love those of your daughter - what a cutie! Chloe - do you use Elements? did you have any problems loading the shadow styles?

    Ok - here's my page. It seems to be getting plenty of hits, but not much love. We go to the 3rd Coast every year, so I have hundreds of beach pictures. I adore Danyale's kit - so I'm trying scrap my favorites with her kit. I've finished 4 LO's (thanks to the challenges here), so that puts a little dent in it.

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    Vynny, I use PS CS5, so I don't know about PSE, but feel free to PM Megan and ask, or leave a comment on her blog post about the shadows.

    Great LOs girls!

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    Vynny, I use PS CS5, so I don't know about PSE, but feel free to PM Megan and ask, or leave a comment on her blog post about the shadows.
    So you can make the beautiful warped shadows on CS5! Lucky! I recently upgraded from PSE 4 to PSE 10, and admit they've come a long ways in letting the user adjust shadows - but still not up to the CS standards.

    I was asking about loading shadow styles because I bought some at an iNSD sale - but was afraid to try loading them. I do NOT have a tech brain. I finally loaded them last night, so I am having fun playing with them today. Often I feel like I still need to do some adjusting after clicking the button - but the learning curve is much faster than the general pre-sets that come with Elements.

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    I haven't wrapped those, it's just Meeegs basic settings, no tweaking, no adjustements, nada! They are awesome "au naturel"! And you can wrap the shadows if your software lets you create a layer with the shadow, I don't know if that's the case with PSE 10.

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    So many gorgeous layouts! Here's one of my recent ones that I really love:

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