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    oh life users - anyone there?

    I think a couple of people have said they are using "oh life" to keep a journal or notes on, and I have been using it, but recently (about 3 weeks-ish, shocking that it took me so long to notice, oh how these weeks are flying by!) - I have not been getting any emails. I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem? I have reset my settings a few times, and after sending a "help!" email to ohlife today, a nice sounding person (man, I think, but some names are a little ambiguous!) has replied and is looking into it for me.

    Anyone else had any trouble?

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    I've been getting my daily emails! Sorry I can't be of more help

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    I've been getting mine, too. Did you check your spam/junk folder? Sometimes my email program thinks it's smarter than I am...

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    Weird, Corrin! I'm getting mine, too. Hope you figure it out w/o too much headache.
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    And I'm getting mine. Always kind of later in the evening.

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    thanks anyway! mine hasn't arrived toady, isn't going to the spam folder, (althoguh was one I hadn't looked at, so thanks for the idea!). Ohlife aren't sure what's up either, so suggested I just try requesting my email to come at differet times of day, and see if we hit a good timespot. Its just a bit odd!

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    I still get mine. Good luck figuring it out!

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    I've been getting mine ok... Hope they figure it out for you!

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    I not only have been getting mine just fine, but I signed up for the pro membership and am getting my new customized emails.

    <3 OhLife, although it does make me sing "Losing my Religion" every evening.

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