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    Hybrid idea for a wedding present?

    Sooo, hubby and I have to go to his boss' wedding on Sunday. He and is spouse have been together for 20+ years and finally tying the knot. Now they pointed out on the wedding invitation that they don't want presents. I want to bring them a little something but I have an absolute blank . I should have come here earlier, I know. Really thought an idea would magically appear in my head.... So, you genius hybrid girls, do you have a nice little sumtin' for me?
    Nathalie - eNKay Design

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    maybe some personalized stationery?

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    Browsing Pinterest real quick, here are some cute ideas. Some maybe not appropriate/too cutesy for someone that is not family, but I'll let you judge!

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    oooh they are all great ideas Chloe... especially love that last one...

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    Kinda done with this Jack Frost nose nipping thing...
    Those are great Chole! I like the first one - sweet and a little quirky.
    Cathrine St.Clair

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    Didn't even look at the pinterest ideas (not enough time as I'd get lost at pinterest and be late for work LOL) but....

    this monogram tile that Christine made is still tops in my book!!!

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    Well, I did a little canvas, mixed media. The photo quality is not the best, sorry. They have the birds on their wedding invitation in grey. Their house is whites and black, so I thought I keep it in those colours. Ghee, it was hard to not put on any colours!

    Nathalie - eNKay Design

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    Nathalie that is beautiful!

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