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    HELP ME! <3 - Accordion Album

    Ok, so I just downloaded a thingie to make an album and I figured I could make it into a 4x4 accordion thingie for my husband. I have NO IDEA how to do this or how to get started. Inf act when it comes to doing things physically (ie not with the computer) I totally spazz out.. and not in a good way either. Do you have any links to tutorials or something to help this girl out?

    <3 Leah @

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    LOL, fellow spazzer, here. I have lots of good thoughts, but that's the most support from me, sorry

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    I'm not sure how to help without knowing what you have to work with. It is a digi set that is meant to be printed and assembled? Or adhered to accordion-folded cardstock?

    PM me if you want!

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