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    It really is, Julie!! I want to tackle it...just not right now. If I have that kind of time, I should be patching up trim But I want one!!

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    It will be a fun project to do in your new house

    Srsly, though, how cool would it be to do subway art? If I weren't subway art challenged, that is...

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    No kidding, Julie!! I'm hoping to do that once we move

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    I want to do subway art, too...

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I think it would be SO much fun

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    Ahem, I take full credit for linking Charla to that idea
    I need to take credit so that I can feel somewhat productive if she does it. I'm too swamped to it over the next few weeks and I could craft vicariously through her

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    Christine!! Yes, it's absolutely your idea!! But don't expect it before we move

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    LOL! Oh well....I thought for sure you could make it and I could check something off my Pinterest to-do list! Ha!

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    And now the truth comes out

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    *I know it's not lined up properly. I should be in the kitchen making cookies for tonight's dinner with the fam, but instead am posting this. so to make up for it, I used a pre-existing hole instead of making a new one.

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    Centered --- and lowered just a bit, I think
    Looks awesome! That was quick turnaround!

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    No kidding! I'm very impressed with how quick they were.

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    Here, there and everywhere!! chloe's Avatar
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    Love it!

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    Or lowered a bit off center and big delicious candelabra or vase to balance it

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    Ooh, that would be stunning, Julie

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