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    Congratulations! Hope the process goes smoothly.

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    Exciting!! Congratulations!

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    Hanging with the Chicks! IntenseMagic's Avatar
    “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well".
    That is sooo wonderful! My sister and I both are adopted and I know my parents often talked about the process. I hope it all goes smoothly for you. They always told us that we are special, we were chosen . Such a wonderful thing!!! Congratulations!!

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    Hanging with the Chicks! wishingwellcreations's Avatar
    Spite: a perfectly acceptable reason to return a jacket *OR* refuse to change your avatar photo...
    Congrats! Such great news. So happy for you!
    ~ Laura ~

    ~ happily creating for Sugarplum Paperie, Mari Koegelenberg, and Dawn by Design ~

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    Love the announcement photo - too cute!! Congratulations to you and your family!!

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    This is so incredible and makes my heart swell. I am so happy for you!

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    that is awesome! soooo happy for you. Glad that we can be a part of the process, keep us updated!

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    Digichick Designer Mom0fgirls's Avatar
    Kinda done with this Jack Frost nose nipping thing...
    Wow! Congratulations!
    Cathrine St.Clair

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    Oh gosh, how exciting!!! Congrats to both of you!!! :-)
    Laurie in Wisconsin
    My LOs at DST and DSA.

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    Again, thanks for the encouragment and the well wishes. I will be blogging about the whole process, as much as I can.

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    Oh, congratulations! Sooo happy for you and your family. It really does change your world (and you) in the very best of ways.

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    Hanging with the Chicks! Danyale's Avatar
    Honey, tact is for people not witty enough to be sarcastic
    Congratulations, such happy news for you.

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    How very exciting and wonderful!! Congrats!

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