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    Mini-Tutorial: Pictures of hybrid projects

    Have you ever finished a project and wondered how on earth to get pictures of it that show just how awesome it is?

    I'm not a hybrid girl, but I do love to take pictures, so that's my credentials

    First thing: You'll want to find somewhere with good natural light. I like to shoot things next to a window. (ideal is a north-facing window, but I almost always use a south-facing window because there are 5x as many of those in this house as any other direction). The main thing is you don't want the sun streaming in directly, or it makes it too bright and the shadows too severe.

    If the light is just too bright, you can lessen it in the picture by not taking pictures *right* next to the window. Move a couple feet away, and the light will be softer.

    Next, you'll want something to set it on. Something that doesn't distract from the project itself. An empty table, a piece of foamcore if you have one on hand, even a wooden chair. Just something simple that won't take away from what you want people to see. And take 30 seconds to move clutter from the back of the picture. (that means pushing it out of the way )

    I'd recommend shooting on the macro setting for the best shots. You want all the focus to be on the project and nothing behind/next to it!

    Now get down at its level for the main shot. Don't stand over it and shoot; get it right at eye level. Then get different angles, emphasizing different parts of it. Show off the details you were most excited about

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks, Charla! Great tips

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    Awesome tips!

    If it's not too windy out, I really like to take mine outside in the shade; I have a lot more luck getting nice even light and there are prettier backgrounds (flowerpots, etc).

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    That's a really good idea, Nikki

    Thanks, Jen

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    Great tips, thanks girls!!

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    I have no really good place inside to get natural light. So I almost always have to go outside to take my photos. Except when we are socked in with snow.

    Then I created a little photo box using white cardstock as the base and the background. I have an Ott lamp that gives nice white light. I take my ISO down a bit on my camera. This allows me to get a shot without flash and no windows for natural light!

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    Thanks for the tips Charla
    Cathrine St.Clair

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    Cathrine, please empty your PM box
    Nathalie - eNKay Design

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    Any advice for what to do when your hybrid project is placed on shiny paper? I just put a picture in my gallery but the shiny paper makes the tag itself look kinda dark!

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    Ghislane, I know what you mean--anything shiny/reflective (even photo prints!) can be hard. I just play around a lot with location... make sure they're in a light-enough spot, but where there's no direct light that can reflect off the shiny parts (no sun, no bulbs, no flash). I have a good overhang on my back patio that (most of the day) gives a good amount of shade, but there's still plenty of very indirect light on a sunny day.

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