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Thread: Cloud Storage?

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    Cloud Storage?

    I know I read a thread somewhere about using cloud storage (for music?), but can't seem to find it again. My brother asked me about cloud storage for photos, but I've never used a cloud, or even online backups. Does anyone have suggestions for good cloud storage that would be appropriate for photo storage, as opposed to backup? It sounds like they (my brother and SIL) want to use a cloud for their primary storage.

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    Here's the thread where Laura explains it all really well

    I use Dropbox for my photos - every time I import photos from my camera to my laptop, Dropbox automatically creates a copy of it in the cloud. I also noticed that whenever I'm tagged in a photo on Facebook it saves a copy to my Dropbox as well which is pretty cool.

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    Rachel, since that discussion, I've started using Amazon cloud and I LOVE it! It was so easy to get my music there. I haven't tried anything else, though (pics and stuff).

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    I too am an amazon cloud user- But I recently started using "This Life" for photos/LOs and it sticks everything on a timeline in chronological order, which I am REALLY loving

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    Thanks, Emilie...that was the thread I was thinking, and not sure now why I couldn't find it. I hadn't thought about Dropbox being a cloud...but duh! I use that one too. They are really looking for photo storage, so maybe I'll suggest Dropbox, and maybe find out what else they are looking to do with it.

    Liz, I'll have to check out This Life too...I've never heard of it.

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    definitely check it out- It will auto import from FB and where you ask it too as well.

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    I'm really leery of online storage. How do you know your images are safe/private/protected??

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrappycath View Post
    I'm really leery of online storage. How do you know your images are safe/private/protected??
    And this is why I haven't used it before... I'd rather have them on my own hard drive, and backed up without online intervention...but that's just my system. I need to call my SIL and find out exactly what she's looking for though. They may be looking to save harddrive room, or maybe just looking to be able to access the photos from anywhere. Not sure.

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