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    Cool I am crazy in my head!

    Okay, so my daughter has had a rough few months with a serious illness, surgery, and not even being bale to finish the school year but from her bed. Long story short, she must be feeling better, because....

    This is what she talked me into last week to help "cheer her up"

    OH GAWD!! She looks like a "My Little Pony"!

    My sister is a hairdresser, so not only was it safe but she can tone it down once it fades some to her normal auburn color, but srysly?!?!

    What was I thinking? bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

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    I love it! Glad she's feeling better.

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    Awesome! She's gorgeous anyway, I think she would be even if she were bald! And yay for feeling better!!

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    I know, her feeling better has made this past month a breath of fresh air. I thought I could choke there for awhile, phew! She is so pretty, but I am partial.

    I love how she is gaining a bit of weight back now, so she no longer resembles a science project. ::happy dance::

    Thanks for not making me feel like an idiot least not to my face. hahaha!

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    Here is one we took the other day as well.

    I have waited a while to see that smile again. It's funny how the whole house drags down when our babies are not well, isn't it?

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    I think the hair looks great, but WOW look at those eyes!! (hilarious my little pony comparison!!) you could never have resisted a few bats of those eyelashes, and that little pouty lip, even if you had wanted to! Glad she is feeling better, and if it makes you feel better, I have one neice who in her teenage years went through pretty much the whole rainbow (with her mum's permission - her thinking was, if that is the worst she is asking to do, then yep, go for it!) - and frustratingly actually managed to look good in most of them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by corrin View Post
    I have one neice who in her teenage years went through pretty much the whole rainbow (with her mum's permission - her thinking was, if that is the worst she is asking to do, then yep, go for it!) - and frustratingly actually managed to look good in most of them!
    I know right? I would look insane with that hair. Maybe I should do it and the the crazy people in Walmart would leave me alone for fear I was crazier than them? :shuffle my feet bit while mumbling all with the magenta hair look...worth trying maybe:

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    hahaha - I LOVE it!!!! It looks so good on her.

    You could be thankful she didn't go crazy like moi did in May and go cotton candy pink and blue

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    Glad she is feeling better! And I LOVE the hair!! It looks great on her! Lord knows, Morgan has been through her share of hair colors. The way I see it, if the worst thing she wants to do is color her hair, then I am a lucky mom!!

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    I know, Liz! She even did her makeup like the My Little Pony to pick on us all weekend, LOL! She started pulling out Seventeen Magazines and crap! Then decided to make on blue stripe under her ear, she says she is going to do it tomorrow...YIKES!

    Ah, Jan. Maybe we can put them in some chairs next to us on the beach for putting up with their antics....they can fetch drinks.

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    Danyale, she's gorgeous. Obviously apple does NOT fall far from the tree here. Glad she's feeling better!
    Last edited by Pamie; 07-29-2012 at 08:30 PM. Reason: Ack - does NOT - I swear!!!

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    It looks fantastic, methinks!! She's gorgeous, fo sho.

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    Aw. thanks ladies. She thinks she is not, being 15 and all with self image at the normal lifetime low during teenage I am going to share what you all said, so sweet,

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    She looks fun and beautiful. What a cool mom you are to let her do this. We have to pick our battles, don't we? Just glad she is better after being sick for so long.

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    I live in a small and quiet community in Wisconsin.
    She is beautiful, just like her Momma! Glad to she is feeling better and to see a smile on her face! (When their smiling, we are smiling! Right?!)

    *My Emma did the same thing to her blonde locks a couple months back. Though it was pretty, I wanted my old Emma back! Now, months later, she wants her old hair color back, so she is growing it out and hi-lighting... Gawd! Why did I let her do that?!!! LOL!
    Laurie in Wisconsin
    My LOs at DST and DSA.

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    I just think it's fun, and I'm so glad that she's better

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    Yay! She looks happy...and that's the most important. And the pony reference made me chuckle. She looks so pretty.

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    I love her hair Danyale. It looks fab on her and she looks happy. So glad to see that smile and I know you are relieved she is feeling better!
    Proudly creating for Etc by Danyale

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    You girls are just so stinkin' awesome to me. I get online to catch up, and these little nuggets are here for me to find.

    Yes, it has been a long few months, and I am with Julie...girl if you can rock it, do it! Much more appropriate now, then when she is say...job hunting after college, LMAO!

    Thank you ladies for making me smile...hugz~

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    Danyale, your daughter is gorgeous and I think the colour looks fab on her. Sorry she has been so ill but it's awesome that she's feeling better now. Hey, if it cheered her up (and it looks like it did), then job well done. Its way better than face piercings or huge permanent tats on her young body, lol. ~ Arlene

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