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    Holy Great New Stuff in the Boutique Batman!

    Okay, I don't know where the Batman reference came from today, but the boutique is on fire! You guys have outdone yourselves with the new stuff this week

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    I KNOW!!! There are 55 NEW items in the Boutique!! Go check them out everyone!

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    my bank account is frightened.... be vewy vewy quiet... we're hunting scwapbooking stuff! hehehe
    ~Rachel Solenberg
    My Gallery

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    Everyone, go buy something!! You spend $5, you are entered into a raffle of 3 winners! GO!

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    Yep, my fingers were all cramped up after inputing it all. LOL But, it was well worth it... it's such amazing stuff!

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    thanks for sharing your contagious enthusiasm!!

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    Totally agree..Fabulous Stuff Ladies!
    avatar Dean Yeagle

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