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    Uploading to Facebook...

    So I was recently talking to a friend of mine and she said that under no circumstances would she ever upload her pictures to FB SOOC. She had the opinion that she would rather have no photos on her FB page than SOOC photos. Her albums have nearly 60 pictures in each and she edits every single one individually. To me that just seems too much work lol.

    Now I only ever edit my photos when they are going on a LO or when I am printing them to go in a frame or album. I may have taken for example 60 pics at an event and say 15 of them may be of Molly. I am ever going to need 15 pics from the same day so I only edit the best of them. All of my FB albums are SOOC unless I have edited an image before I got around to uploading them to FB. Just wondering your opinions on this?

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    Yes, that seems like an awful lot of work. Maybe if I were a professional photog that may seem necessary, but if they're just everyday photos and I'm sharing with friends, I don't see the big deal. Now some photos I see and I KNOW I want to edit them, for dramatic feel, and I might do that before I post.

    Oh, and if I'm posting a photo of ME on FB, I probably will touch it up a bit. I mean, no one needs to see the basket-ball sized zit on my face, methinks.

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    It depends on which camera the image is coming from. Anything that comes from my phone is likely to be unedited. I know that I can do some edits on my smartphone, but I just don't have that much time. lol If it comes from my real camera, though, it's going to be edited before it is posted anywhere.

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I'm like you: I only edit what I'm going to scrap. Photos to FB usually get loaded up SOOC.

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    Um, I don't even hardly edit when I scrap. I'd rather spend my efforts on the page. If the photo isn't pretty, I most likely won't use it, or will make it's un-prettiness part of the page. But that's me. So no, I don't edit FB photos either...unless they are already edited and saved in the edited format.
    Last edited by teachermom_Rach; 08-20-2012 at 09:31 PM. Reason: Ok, I might actually turn a not so good photo B&W to make it better...but that's about it.

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    Rachel, sounds like you need some quick and dirty (and awesome) Charm Box actions!

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    So I was gonna be all "no way, never!" because if I'm uploading a bunch of photos to FB I usually don't bother editing them, and if their coming from my phone they're not getting more than an Instagrammed. But then I realized I totally just edited a handful of pics of my gorgeous monsters to put on FB just the other day. So no, I don't usually, but I guess I sometimes do.

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    I always edit my pictures before I post to Facebook (because I am a photographer, so I don't want any really crappy pictures making it look like I've "lost my touch." That's just my own insecurity though...I know plenty of photogs who post unedited pictures from time to time.
    But I also don't post 60 pictures. I'll post 3-4. No way would I ever upload the whole folder!!!

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    For me it depends on what kind of pictures they are. If they are just snapshots of my kid playing or something then I don't really feel the need to edit them.

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    I'm way too lazy to edit photos before uploading them to Facebook. I think I've edited them once before uploading and that was because I was excited about using Totally Rad's RadLab for the first time.

    None of my friends are really into photography so the majority probably wouldn't notice whether the photos were edited or not. I only ever edit photos for layouts or when printing them (and then only the best ones).

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