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    Homecoming Count the Chick logo WINNER announcement!

    Thank you to everyone who played along with the Count the Chick logo contest this past weekend. We had 14 people play along and 6 counted correctly!

    These 6 people were numbered in order that their email was received and then entered into a drawing

    1. Corrin
    2. Liz Hutchison
    3. Jen Little
    4. Marla
    5. Michelle Huegel
    6. Eileen McIsaac

    But before I announce the winner, I'm sure you all want to know just how many Chick logos were hidden. There were a total of 21 scattered throughout the float photos.

    Here are the float photos that had Chick logos and how many were added to each:
    Alamama – 1
    Mari – 2
    Jacque Larson – 1
    eNKay – 1
    Wishing Well Creations – 2
    Paper Garden – 1
    Karen Lewis – 2
    ViVa – 2
    Quirky Twerp – 1
    Kelleigh – 1
    Gina Miller – 1
    Laura B – 1
    Girl Boy Girl Designs – 2
    Jan Hosford – 1
    Little Green Frog – 2

    And the winner of the $10 GC to the shop is...... drum roll please





    5. Michelle Huegel

    Congratulations! Please email me at luann at thedigichick dot com and I'll get you set up with your GC

    thanks again to everyone who played along!! Hope you had fun with it

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    Congrats, Michelle!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    Congratulations, Michelle!! Have fun shopping

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    Congrats Michelle!

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    YAY!! I can't believe I actually got them all LOL!! Now to go peruse (and add to!) my wishlist - Thank you so much!!!

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    there's not much that can't be solved with a friendly smile and bit of chocolate cake! Hanging with the Chicks! corrin's Avatar
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    yeay!! well done Michelle, and happy wish list hunting!!

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    Congratulations Michelle!

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    Congratulations, Michelle! Happy shopping!

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    Congratulations Michelle! Enjoy shopping!

    What a fun contest that was LuAnn!

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