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    Predominant color?

    Do you find that you use a certain color a lot? Or not at all?

    I rarely use purple. Not sure why, just not a color I enjoy using a lot.

    I love pink and greens right now.

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    I'm in the girly world of pink, pink, and more pink. Funny--I never was a pink girl until Maggie came along!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    I avoid(ed) brown and orange. I can't wear either color so I just stayed away from both. I'm getting so that I'll try brown now, but orange still scares me a bit
    I use a lot of pink since most of my layouts are about my DD (I'm like Sinead...I never used pink before she was born!) and I still love using blue, any chance I get.

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    I love red right now. Used to abhor green and orange but they are showing up in my designs now as I am getting more color friendly.

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    I never get to use pink since I have three boys. Obviously I use blue quite a bit and even though I don't personally like or wear orange, it shows up in my pages and my designs quite often - maybe because it is the complement of blue?
    Heather Roselli

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    I've got boys, so it's blues and greens, in all shades.

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    hmmm...i dont' think i've met a color i didn't like....need to give some more lovin to purple tho..purple gets the shaft! hee hee

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    I really don't use purples or oranges at all. Which is funny because one of my favorite colors around the house is lavander.

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    i try to use a variety of colors. but like the other posters with boys have said, i end up with lots of greens, blues, and browns. oh well...
    ~Rachel Solenberg
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    Lately I have been on a pink/green kick! I don't use much orange. NOt that I don't like orange... it just is not my favorite.
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    I try to use the colors that will bring out my photo even if I don't care for them. Lately though it has been pinks and greens because of Elise. Now that I am doing some LOs of Laura when she was little you will probably see more of the colors from the 70s. Oranges, browns, greens and yellow, maybe.

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    Greens, browns, oranges are the ones I work on lately. Just because I have a son But with girls, I think the most color I actually have trouble is with lilac ~ the light lavender type, I almost always have to b&w the picture ~ just because I think the color of the pic would clash with dainty colors
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    I use a ton of blue, brown and green.

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    It's funny, I'm with a lot of ppl - I don't use purple much... I find it hard to use. However, I love orange and find I use a hit of it on almost every page.... with green and blue mostly. I am a mainly boy scrapper, but do some girl pages for my g/f's twin daughters. That's when I get to really bring out my pink side.

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    I really love most colors. Can't think of any I don't like...but, I have to say, I LOOOOVE red. I use it every chance I get!

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    I like to use most colours the one colour I don't use much is green - not sure why, as I do like green.

    Just remembered, I don't use yellow - ick! LOL (says she who has yellow in her avvie - LOL) I like to use a golden yellow - just not pale yellow - I'm really not into pastels at all.

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