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    All of my recent computers have made me create restore discs when I set them up - so I have the recovery partition on the computer plus the copy on disc. Everything else I have to install myself, which is sort of a pain, but at least I can get there.

    Netbooks on the other hand - what a pain. DH inherited mine when I got my iPad but all he uses it for is browsing and email when we watch TV.

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    So, the restore disc you can do (which I will admit I have not) will save the programs as well?

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    Only the ones that came with the computer. The rest I just install from their own discs, except PS which I have to get from the Adobe site? I keep meaning to make a disc with the free virus program and firewall and ftp client and unzipper and all those little programs that I forget but I haven't done it

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    Google it, Rachel. You can probably find it online (whatever you'd need for a restore) and use a thumb

    Also, my MIL changed the password on her netbook and then forgot it. I looked and she had set up two admin Accra on there--hers and FIL's. Hers had the unknown password and his had none. Not very secure, but very handy for me. I just went in as him and reset the password...looked like a genius!
    Yep, that's what I found when we first discovered the problem. Now I just have to find my thumb drive. Probably faster to just buy a new one, since I'm not sure the last place I used it. It's probably with my Wacom pen...can't find that either!

    I wish there had been a second account on it, would have made things easier... Mom used it for web surfing when they were out on their boat until she got her iPad and thought Maggie could use the netbook, since um, some of us don't share computers very well (funny since mine is not the only functioning one in the house...). I'm not in a hurry to fix it though. This is the natural consequence she is learning for changing the password. Might not be very nice of me, but I think she's learned.

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    Danyale... glad you are up and running.
    I leave the techie stuff to my husband. I can work my way out of most kinks if I have to, but when DH starts talking about backing up and restoring and software... my eyes just glass over. buwahahahaha
    Every once in a while I will give up my computer for an evening so that he can have a little look around to see if things are as they should be. LOL! I'll have to ask him about the software stuff.
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    Honey, tact is for people not witty enough to be sarcastic
    Oh, yeah....please do that, as my hubby is knowledgeable about CPR, fires and stuff but his eyes glass over when tech support talks to him on the phone, LOL!

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    Good to have you back up and running Danyale!!! Yeah!!!
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