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    Wink Note To Self Hybrid Album

    Me and my daughter created an album using my kit Note To Self.

    I have made the printout pages available for download along with instructions on assembling the album.
    You can download them on my blog HERE
    as well as view the album in it's entirety
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    Liz! that is just beautiful! I wish I could (or did) albums but they just don't interest me because it's like scrapping which I suck at LOL

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    I'd love to see it, but the links both go to the kit at the shop - how do I get to your blog!?!

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    I followed the blog link in her siggy

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    That's lovely! I wish I could do hybrid

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    Quote Originally Posted by corrin View Post
    I'd love to see it, but the links both go to the kit at the shop - how do I get to your blog!?!
    Ahahaha Sorry about that- I had a brain pffft moment. Fixed it though

    And thanks so much ladies- I am on the fence about it- I love paper crafting and love the results.....but its such a love hate
    I realized after about 3 hours into working on this one- why I like digi so much more - BUT My vaccum and trash can loved the extra feeding hahahaha

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    Digichick Designer Mom0fgirls's Avatar
    Kinda done with this Jack Frost nose nipping thing...
    Its beautiful! (Why does it seem like crafting with kids increases the mess 10x? LOL!)
    Cathrine St.Clair

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    ^^ You're telling me!!! I swear it looked like it snowed in my bedroom hahahaha

    That and my son got the nickname stickers because he managed to find the remnant pieces of some alphas I had and had them stuck ALL over him hahaha

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    At least from the photos it looks as though you did an awesome job, you and your kidlets.

    One of the things that always bugs me about crafting is that...

    Ok, Lots of things bug me, LOL

    1) when I print papers they never have as much depth as they do on my screen or in printed layouts. And since I work pretty hard to have them the way I want them on screen, I'm always disappointed.
    2) When I finish, I often feel like I have spent hours creating something that looks like something I would throw out. I'm just not that fond of real life paper craft. The only exception to this is the album I made with the Adventure Collab we did that Mari included the instructions for. I wasn't HAPPY with the way it turned out, but it sits on my shelf and I don't think "oh, I should throw that waste paper out" I think part of the reason was because I inked the edges so it doesn't look like cut up paper so much. But I made the kissing ball THC had a year ago that looked amazing in the photo. Mine looked like a kindergartner stuck random paper flowers all over a styrofoam ball. And since it took a long time to stick them all over the ball... well, not a happy result. I don't know if my expectations were too high or if I just made bad color choices, or what. Or all of the above.
    3) The mess. And since I'm not particularly gifted in this crafting area, my mess is worse because there are so many more mistakes.
    4) The mistakes. DId I mention the mistakes? Oy.

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    doh - didn't even look at her siggie for links! so thanks Julie for helping me out, and Liz, it really is a lovely album. Your DD has got a great eye too I guess!

    And Julie, I think my expcetations are a little too high often too, I haven't done much hybrid at all, but just paper scrapping, things never seemed to look just right, (or straight, I don't have a straight eye at all!!). It's so frusrating to spend time and energy, and have an end result that isn't something you can be happy with. Having said that, every now and then I get a hankering to actually make something physical, but usually I am swiftly joined by my littlies, so my expectations go right down as soon as they motice I have got the glue and scissors out!

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    what an amazing album! awesome project!

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    that's awesome! I'm just downloading right now, thank you!

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