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Thread: HOF list is up!

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    HOF list is up!

    Congrats to all!
    Angelia Wigginton
    Angi Stevens
    Amanda Probst
    Brittany Laakkonen
    Candice Stringham
    Elizabeth Dillow
    Greta Hammond
    Heather Preckel
    Heather Thompson
    Jennifer Adams Donnelly
    Jennifer Olson
    Jessica Sprague
    Kelly Lautenbach
    Kim Crothers
    Laura Kurz
    Leora Sanford
    Marla Kress
    Mary MacAskill
    Mimi Schramm
    Nisa Fiin
    Shannon L. Freeman
    Sherelle Christensen
    Tiffany Tillman
    Vicki Boutin
    Wilna Furstenberg

    And Honorable Mentions:
    Aspnes, Anna
    Baumgardner, Hanni
    Bloxon, Donna
    Bodine, Catherine
    Boyden, Maureen
    Bretz, Wendy
    Campbell, Miriam
    Carlisle, Dawne
    Deckard, Jill C.
    Dennis, Emily
    Drumheller, Christine
    Easley, Susan
    Gailey, Ashley
    Gallacher, Jennifer
    Gartland, Nicole
    Goldstein, Amy
    Hayden, Christa
    Hoag, Jeri
    Kelly, Courtney
    Kleinfeldt, April
    Knight, Heidi
    Kromann, Katja
    Laakkonen, Sharon
    Lambert, Marci
    Liu, Deborah
    Lowe, Shannon
    Mask, Cherie
    McCuiston, Tisha
    McLaughlin, Ali
    Moorefield, Lisa
    Muckosky, C.D.
    Namvong, Scarlet
    Newton, Jennifer
    Noel, Kelly
    Novacek, Becky
    Page, Ursula
    Perks, Jennifer
    Pfeffer, Barbara
    Pittard, Donna W.
    Quillen, Suzanne
    Rogers, Nancy
    Schoenemann, Monica
    Simmonds, Genevieve
    Smith, Andie
    Sullivan, Amy
    Tormanen, Sharyn
    Traversa, Christine
    Truesdell, Lisa
    Whalen, Donna
    Wheatcraft, Annie

    So many didi gals!!! Yay!

    Kim Crothers (Creative Snaps)
    Shannon Freeman
    Tiffany Tillman
    Jessica Sprague
    Leora Sanford
    Jennifer Olson (scraprascal)
    Kelly Lautenbach
    Brittany Laakkonen

    And HM's
    Muckosky, C.D.
    Smith, Andie
    Aspnes, Anna

    Are those right? Anyone know if any others are?

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    Congrats to everyone - especially the digi-gals!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment for all of you!

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    Congrats! I'm glad you didn't have to wait too long to let everyone know who you were

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    Congrats everyone! That rocks! I love seeing all of those digi gals!

    I didn't want to be left out, so here I am. Thanks, Pamie!

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    wow i didnt realize the list would be posted so soon. i am so happy that it was! lol

    congrats to all!!!!!!!
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    euh... what is this HOF thing exactly! {blush}

    Feel free to have a look at my gallery. Thanks!

    Wanna know what's happening in my life? Check out my blog and See Nancy Work !

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    belgianangel - it's all the chicks who made the "Hall Of Fame" (HOF) for this site. In other words, they do GREAT LOs! Congrats to everyone!

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    What is the HOF list? I am still not familiar with all the terms used here.

    Nonnie to Riley, Regan & Elise
    Grandma Chris to Jared, Brian and Elijah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonnie917
    What is the HOF list? I am still not familiar with all the terms used here.
    Every year Creating Keepsakes Magazine holds a huge contest called Hall of Fame. It's a HUGE deal to even get an honorable mention.

    Congrats everyone... and is that OUR Andie Smith?

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    Okay, silly me. I was thinking that these were the Hall of Fame chicks for the Digi Chick. There was a recent post asking people to post who they would nominate for a Hall of Fame here at this site, right? Right? Am I just losing it? Anyway, sorry about that mix up. At least I was right on the "Hall of Fame" part!

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    Oh wow! Thanks for that! And my most heartfelt congratulations to everybody who made the HOF list! You girls rock!

    Feel free to have a look at my gallery. Thanks!

    Wanna know what's happening in my life? Check out my blog and See Nancy Work !

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    congrats andie smith!! and congrats to all the awesme ladies who made it this year!!

    and a HUUUUGE congratulations to my awesome friend leora!!! i am so freakin proud of you, baby!! you rock!!!

    president, songbird avenue, inc.
    digital designs at

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    No Tamara, you're not crazy! There is a thread about that!
    I'm just silly... I tra - la - la along my merry way and think everyone always just KNOWS what I'm talking about! LOL! Drives my DH crazy becasue I'll say something out of the blue and expect him to just know what I'm saying and he's clueless! Oh Well! Sorry!
    I was just sooooooo very excited about this (the 1st time I've gotten excited bout this contest and who won it!) because it's so very cool to have so many digi girls make the list and to have people I know on it to boot!
    Jennifer Olson (scraprascal), Leora Stamford (Leora), and Andie Smith (~~Andie~~) were all on the CT team here (but had to step down) and Andie used to design for the boutique (but stopped to consentrate on her budding photography business). All extremely talented ladies!
    Here is the rules for the contest at Creating Keepsakes Magazine's Site and here is the list of winners. On Firday - they are supposed to have the actual calls they made to the winners to tell them!
    I hope that helps explain it a little better!

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